The latest incarnation of the Knitting Factory sits at the intersection of Havemeyer Street and Metropolitan Avenue, conveniently located squarely on the beaten path of Williamsburg.

Formerly a Tribeca staple (and before that, a Houston Street experiment), rising rents pushed the venue into the outer boroughs in 2009, when it moved into the old Luna Lounge location.

Old-school show flyers decorate the walls and give this spot the decades-old feel it rightly deserves. The staff is friendly, the beer is cold, and the floor space in the music hall is ample. The Knitting Factory doesn’t want for much.

Knitting Factory Brooklyn
The bar lounge, where patrons can order food from next door and relax before or after a show.

It sports two main rooms—a lounge bar area and the live music hall in the back. The wall behind the bar is a giant glass partition, allowing patrons in the lounge to see the acts that are on stage. Enjoy a snack and a brew while keeping your eye on the show room so you can get in there when the bands come out to perform.

This location sits next door to its sister spot, Federal Bar, that serves hyper-local, hyper-crafty beer and “solid drunk food.” The juxtaposition grants Knitting Factory patrons a pipeline to more-than-palatable and varied fare, an unexpected delight for weary concert-goers who are accustomed to grabbing street food on the way to a show or settling for pizza afterwards.

Boasting a consistently strong calendar of shows, Knitting Factory brings something to the table for everyone, but embraces the distinctly indie-underground edge that made it successful in Tribeca—and quite frankly, we’re inclined to believe that Williamsburg is an even better home for this iconic venue. It meshes effortlessly with the oddball vibe of the ‘burg, while still standing apart for the quality of shows and above-par management that keeps the gears running smoothly.