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Courtesy Coda's website

Coda is in incredible venue, nightclub, and event space in Philadelphia. Located within the busy Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of downtown Philly, the venue has live performances and DJ sets from some of the newest artists in music, and hosts every genre available from indie rock to electronic, to tribute acts, to jam bands, to pop, and more.

We wanted to hear all about it directly from the horse’s mouth. So we chatted with Katie Duggan, Coda Philly’s marketing manager, to get the details on what she does as well as what she’s excited about in the coming months.

First off, who are you and what do you do with Coda Philadelphia?

My name is Katie Duggan. I am originally from right outside of Philly and came to the city for college. I never left after graduating and began working with local venues to promote live music in Philadelphia. At Coda, I work as a marketing manger to help spread the word on our upcoming events calendar and promote the venue.

Courtesy of Coda's official website
Courtesy of Coda’s official website

What’s a day in the life of a Philly promoter look like?

As a promoter, your days may vary, but I have certain duties that fall into a routine. However, many of my tasks really depend on the show schedule and how ticket sales for each show are performing.

How did you get into music promoting? 

I came to Philly to study business at Drexel. After coming to the city and being drawn to all the amazing music, arts, and overall entertainment of Philly, I realized music is what I was passionate about.

I found the Entertainment & Arts Management program at Drexel which allowed me to combine my interests for art and business. I started getting involved with promotions by working on street teams for festivals and local venues to earn free tickets which led to internships and jobs!

What kind of events are offered at the venue?

At Coda, we showcase everyone from the locals to the top names in music from all types of genres including electronic, jam, indie, hip-hop, and more.

What events are you most excited about for the fall? 

I am really looking forward to our November shows. I am patiently awaiting Carl Craig (11/03), Billy Kenny (11/10), and Kelela (11/15).

See more of the upcoming events at Coda Philly here.

What’s the music scene in Philly like? 

The music scene in Philly is always active and eventful. There are handfuls of venues and promoters bringing in so many amazing acts to the city. There is always new music to experience and artists to check off the bucket list.

Courtesy of Coda's official website
Courtesy of Coda’s official website

Best parts about Coda? 

One of my favorite things about Coda is the atmosphere and energy of the space. Coda is a beautiful space that brings out talent that people truly want to see and are excited about.

Also, Coda gets to stay open till 3 AM which is always nice for the night owls.

Favorite acts who’ve come through Philly?

This is tough so… Let’s just say these are my top acts to come to Philly in the past year:

  • The Magician
  • FKJ
  • Robert Plant

How can people help the Philly scene?

Come out and enjoy the shows! Take your significant others out for dinner and a show OR treat yourself to a night of new music. Whatever you do, don’t hesitate to support your local artists and small venues.

Anything else you’d like to tell the Jukely family?

Thank you Jukely for your dedication to sharing the muses of the world with Philadelphia and beyond!

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