Welcome to our Sober & Empty series. Explore your favorite venue, or maybe a new one, like you’ve never seen them before: sober and, well, empty.

Los Angeles has a lot going for itself as a city. We’ve interviewed tons of artists—and there’s generally a consensus of LA being cleaner and, well, having more space.

As someone who crams into tiny venues, let me tell you, they’re right on the space front. Sound Nightclub is one of the bigger venues I’ve personally been in, and it’s still considered intimate in Los Angeles. There’ are no ‘two stories’ and ‘staircase’ tips here. Just two bars and a built-in late-night eats spot (so maybe heaven?).

Sound Nightclub empty and full

Sound Nightclub consists of one main sunken dance floor with two bars, one in the front and one behind the main stage. The main stage actually typically has an open air system, so anyone ordering from the back bar gets a view behind the stage (which is pretty cool in my opinion).

There is no greenroom, which, if you didn’t know, is where artists prep for their sets. That means the artist and entourage gets the booth directly behind the stage.

Sound Nightclub empty and full

But wait… there’s more! There’s a back patio where smoking is allowed, and it’s in a brick courtyard surrounded with art. Unlike most outdoor spaces, there’s actually seating. Pretty great place to cool off if the show gets excessively warm, which never happens in concerts, right?

The late-night eats are street food inspired and a beacon in the night at the front of the club entrance/exit.

Neon sign for food at Sound Nightclub

There’s also parking located at 1634 North Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028.

Watch the full run through for yourself:

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