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We’ve given you the low down on Elements NYC. In theory, it sounds too good to be true. Lots of sunshine, a cool location, floating acrobatics, great music, food, and art… Let me tell you though, I’ve been. I went last year. Elements is one of the best music festivals I’ve been to, and I’ve been to… a lot.

So let’s talk about who to see before the sun sets because obviously the headliners are some no brainers.

Let me be your ultimate hype man for Elements. And I’m not just saying that because three of my current favorite artists are playing (Or maybe I am. You’ll never know).



Kasbo is in my top three most played right now. He’s 21, from Sweden, and I would call him the prince of emotive house. Will you laugh? Will you cry? Will you dance? Probably all three. Soulful indie electronic you’ll have on repeat.

The Golden Pony

Go-to for lyrical deep house. They sometimes have a tropical twist, always have a beat you can dance to. Exactly what you want to listen to as the sun sets.


STéLOUSE is a self-proclaimed genre killer but falls somewhere along the lines of future bass. The sound is unique, authentic, and lends itself to a soundtrack feel.


“More house than tech, more deep than disco.” Honestly, it’s what you dance so hard to, you break a heavy sweat in a club, and then all of a sudden realize it’s 4 AM and probably time for you to go home because you have work tomorrow.

Elements Festival artists


Chet Porter

Do not get me started on Chet Porter.  He has perfected the “weird DJ at the party everyone wants to be friends with” vibe. He’s definitely in my top three right now. Most of his tracks are melodic bright tunes featuring catchy lyrics. If you can listen to Chet without wanting to a) drink immediately  b) frolic in a field or c) kiss your dog then we probably aren’t and will never be friends.


And to round out the (my) top three… Melvv. He makes light, happy, cheerful house tracks that are well balanced. One listen to “Lifeline” will have you hooked.


An energetic take on G-house — they’re a mutant between hip-hop, rap, and house, and it’s all you could ever ask for.


If someone told me Pusher fuels his flows with sugar and candy in the studio (he does), I wouldn’t be surprised (I’m not). Playful tunes with a beat. I told the people of Middlelands, and I’ll tell you, too: Pusher is not the man to miss.

Did we miss someone you’re excited for at Elements? Let us know on Twitter.

Oh and don’t miss out on the festival altogether either. Get your tickets now!

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