There are probably points in your life when you realize that you’ve done well and are successful. I don’t know about Erick Morillo, but if I were him, I probably would have had one of those moments right around when Union City, NJ decided to name a street after me.

Erick Morillo Way in Union City, NJ

From that point on, you probably would have never heard from me again. And Erick Morillo would certainly be forgiven for feeling similarly. Of course, that’s not the case, and that’s probably the biggest difference between me and Erick Morillo, he’s successful, I’m lazy (okay, there are probably lots of differences between us, very few of which turn out better for me).

Instead, he’s continued to be a foundational pillar in the house scene. He’s continued to tour, to play, and to bring music to adoring fans, all the while making new ones at every stop.

Music naturally morphs and changes within genres and even breaching the walls between what defines genres. As newer artists create within an established genre, sometimes they fail to recognize the roots of their work. That’s why Erick’s continued active involvement is so important. He’s keeping house music alive, and even as he himself innovates, he is grounded in the true meaning of house and continues to keep the genre alive.

Okay, that was a bit much. Here’s the point. The point is, enjoy Erick Morillo. Enjoy Erick Morillo’s music. Enjoy Erick Morillo’s music right now. Your next opportunity is at his next stop, Marquee in New York.

Erick Morillo

Date & Time:
May 12th, 2017 | 11 PM

Marquee New York
289 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Age Restriction:


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