This past week, the Jukely team packed up and traveled down to Austin, Texas to attend the famed two week long festival SXSW.

We went for the music portion week of the festival, for we had 13  showcases we were helping sponsor for Austin Party Weekend, along with the nice fellas at iHeartComix, PHHHOTO, Biz3, Embrace, and RONY’S PHOTO BOOTH. We held showcases for Mad Decent, Fool’s Gold, Neon Gold, MonsterCat, Dim Mak and a bunch of other really great labels. We also did something we’re pretty proud of; we collaborated with Consequence of Sound, Off the Avenue and Tito’s Vodka to put on some Secret Sessions with bands. We invited over 20 bands to come record some music at 5th Ave Studios in Austin, Texas, filmed it, and invited some lucky Jukely subscribers to attend the sessions.
With all of this being said and done, we saw some really great music. From local folk bands, to old punk and metal bands, seeing Geoff Rickly scream his head off and then watching Elliphant absolutely kill it on stage, we’d say we had a pretty successful concert week.

We broke down our favorites shows of the week, and we more than encourage you to check them out.

Bora: What So Not – at The Main – “Quality future bass that got me, along with everyone else in the room, grooving.”

Andrew: Norma Jean – at Dirty Dog – “never got a chance to see them live and im glad i finally did! so much energy!”

Tom: Sweater Beats – at The Main – “He looked really happy.”

Khrystyna: Odesza – at Windish Party – “Their upbeat, sunny electro-pop reminds me of summer and always makes me happy :)”

Kristyn: MS MR – Empire Control Room – “Really excited by MS MR and they played some new tracks which got me excited for their new album.”  

Allison: Kane West – at Empire Control, Kodak to Graph – at The Main – “Pretty surprised by Kane West’s set on PC Music, he got me dancing unexpectedly hard. Also Kodak to Graph played a pretty solid set at The Main, and his Hundred Waters remix sounded heavenly live.”

Chris: Bully – at House of Vans // Mohawk.”Starting off strong with their single “I Remember” Bully are one of those bands that looks as stoked to be playing their songs as the audience is to be listening.”

Sam: “It was someone on Saturday at The Main in the small room, it was a lady rapper who was so aggro and really good.” 

Stephanie: Kevin Devine – at Studio Sessions at 5th Ave Studios, Spain & Yukon Blonde – “I really liked the Kevin Devine studio sessions because it was so intimate and I never had the chance to see him. Another good one was Spain & Yukon Blonde at the Dine Alone showcase.”

Karolina: Marina and the Diamonds – at Empire Control Room – “I hadn’t seen Marina before and loved how passionate she is on stage. Her exotic and unique vocals impressed me beyond words. You’re amazing MARINA!”

Jenny: Russ Liquid & GRiZ – “Both playful & pioneering musicians in the live/electronic scene, Russ & GRiZ came together for a surprise collab set so infectious that KRAVE’s upstairs was transformed into a crazy sweatbox dance party.”

Maurice: Pompeya – at Studio Sessions at 5th Ave Studios. “There was the intimacy of studio session of course but it was also how I listened to them set up in Russian when how their English is pretty heavily accented when talking normally… but all that disappears when they sing.”

Jordan: Hundred Waters – at Hype Hotel – “I was stoked to see how well Hundred Waters’ new record translated to a live performance. I was pretty damn blown away.”

Mark: San Fermin – Studio Sessions at 5th Ave Studios – “Loved the blended range of instruments—drums to keyboard to trumpet and sax—and vocals, high and low. amazing to see it all done live at a studio session.”

Jeremy: Twin Peaks – Chicago Made Showcase – “everyone was there for hip-hop related reasons because vic mensa was headlining, but twin peaks was still able to get the entire crowd to fucking ROCK OUT.”