The kings of Los Angeles’ underground party scene, Doc Martin’s Sublevel and Mr. C & David Scuba’s Superfreq, have joined forces and are planning to take New York by storm this Saturday, April 8th.

This new creation will be called Subfreq and it promises to be a crazy night featuring all three of them performing.

They’ve also recruited some local talent for the showcase via Bushwick A/V and SOUP, including Love & Logic, Gio Gulez, Myroslaw Bytz, and Zenbi.

Make sure you bring enough energy to this party though because this is a 15 hour “freq-out.” The event will run from 11 PM to 2 PM. Yes, straight through Sunday morning and into Sunday early afternoon, so cancel those brunch plans.

Get your tickets now and HERE before they go up in price!

Subfreq poster

Subfreq: Sublevel Meets Superfreq

Doc Martin x Mr. C x David Scuba

Love & Logic, Gio Gulez, Myroslaw Bytz, and Zenbi.

Date & Time:
April 8th, 2017 | 11 PM

Secret Brooklyn Location:

Age Restriction: