Few cities take the 4th of July as seriously as Philadelphia. I mean, is there a better place to celebrate the birthday of our country than the place where it all began? Hint: the answer is no. Is there a better way to celebrate the 4th than going to a show? Still no.

Philly locals, take a look at these upcoming shows and let us know on Twitter which one(s) we’ll see you at!

June 29th – The High and Mighty @ Kung Fu Necktie

Unless you’re pretty big into the Philly hip-hop scene, you probably don’t know The High and Mighty. The duo, consisting of Mr. Eon and DJ Mighty Mi, have been operating in relative obscurity since the mid ’90s. If old school rap is your thing, this rare hometown show at an intimate venue is not to be missed.

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June 29th – Method Man @ Electric Factory

One of the most iconic names in hip-hop, Clifford Smith needs no introduction (although I’m still going to write one). Best known for his work with Redman and Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man has made solid contributions to the game for over two decades. Respect.

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June 30th – Suffocation @ Kung Fu Necktie

Legends of the American death metal scene, a lot of your favorite new bands owe Suffocation a lot. It’s rare that a band can successfully combine technical instrumentation and quality songwriting in the way that they do. You might die at this show, but that shouldn’t stop you from going.

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July 1st – Big Business @ Kung Fu Necktie

Although the word ‘thick’ gets thrown around in a lot of various contexts today, the music of Big Business actually deserves the title. The Seattle-based sludge band employ heavily distorted guitar tones and pulsing drum lines to create a sound that would please fans of Mastodon’s early work.

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July 1st – Diarrhea Planet @ Underground Arts

It’s obviously pretty hard for a band’s music to live up to the hype of such an amazing moniker. That being said, Diarrhea Planet manages to do a good job of it. The power punk band have a charisma about them that will have you singing along in no time.

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July 2nd – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart @ World Cafe Live

This band (whose name I am not going to type out again) have a sound that’s pretty hard to pin down. If we’re talking genres, they would probably fall into some sort of indie rock category. Their newest single “When I Dance With You” is somehow equal parts Bloc Party and Billy Idol. Whatever it is, it’s suuuper catchy.

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July 3rd – Hexxus @ Kung Fu Necktie

Listening to a Hexxus song is like getting run over by a freight train, in slow motion, for ten minutes straight. I obviously mean this in the best way possible. If your head isn’t bobbing a minute into their debut album Tunguska, check your pulse.

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Happy 4th from everyone in the Jukely fam!

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