Got plans Saturday afternoon? Come spend yours in the sunshine at Watermark Patio, where INOKI:DEEP will celebrate their one year anniversary with house music veteran Satoshi Tomiie.

The event starts at 1pm and will also feature music by John Creamer, Omid 16B, Pole Folder, Mark Cobián, and Wild Dark. Jukely members can add themselves to the guest list now.
Satoshi Tomiie

Talk about house music and it’s impossible not to talk about Japan’s Satoshi Tomiie. One of the first producers to convert the Japanese to club culture, Satoshi Tomiie was a crucial third man in the Def Mix Productions team helmed by David Morales and Frankie Knuckles. Born in Tokyo in 1966, Tomiie grew interested in electronics and keyboards at an early age, and formed his first band in the early ’80s. After American house music began crossing the ocean, Tomiie began DJing and producing on his own. He met house pioneer Frankie Knuckles while the two DJed at a party thrown by a Japanese cosmetics company, and was promptly hired aboard New York’s Def Mix Productions collective, home of Knuckles and another house hero, David Morales.

INOKI:DEEP 1 Year Anniversary w/ Satoshi Tomiie
Watermark Patio: 78 South Street, Pier 15, NYC 90019
Saturday, August 27th from 1pm-11pm, 21+

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Satoshi Tomiie