Looking for weekend plans? Look no further as legends Sacha Robotti and Sirus Hood are making a return to Los Angeles for a stop on their joint North American 2017 tour.

The producers began their 16-stop tour in Santa Barbara the first week of February and are scheduled to play through the first week of April; Phoenix, AZ is scheduled to be their final stop.

On Friday, April 7th the two producers will be performing at Hollywood’s favorite ultra lounge and nightclub, Couture.

In a recent interview with EDM Tunes, the Dirtybird artists revealed that they first met at a gig in San Francisco. After that, they instantly hit it off and, with some encouragement from their team and managers, decided to go out on tour.

To support the tour, the producers got together to work on a very special project – a surprise EP. As of now, two official tracks have been released off the EP including “Hebe” and “Dirty Money“.

Combining their styles, “Hebe” makes for an eclectic mix of tribal-house, groovy vocals, and a range of layered instrumentals. “Dirty Money” is a techno-house-infused banger that if played in a club would totally make the crowd go wild.

Both artists are unique in their own way and bring their share of talents to the table.

As best described by GoSeeLiveMusic.co,

“Both integral components of the international house music circuit, Sirus Hood and Sacha Robotti have experienced meteoric rises cementing themselves as two of the most talented names in electronic music. Robotti gained international recognition for his unique blend of infectious bass-lines, while Sirus Hood’s productions have spanned across key labels such as CUFF along with quickly catching the of eye Dirtybird boss, Claude VonStroke.”

You’ll love Sacha Robotti if you love:

J. Phlip, Worthy, Ardalan, Justin Martin, Justin Jay

You’ll love Sirus Hood if you love: 

Marco Violent, Woo2Tech, Diamn, The Beatangers, Clyde P

Check out Sacha’s Dirtybird BBQ: Secret Sauce DJ Mix from 2016:

 Check out Sirus’s most recent EP from 2016: 

Sirus Hood and Sacha Robotti North American 2017 Tour Sacha Robotti and Sirus Hood tour posterEvent:
Afternoon Delight x Outspoken Present Sirus Hood and Sacha Robotti

Sirus Hood and Sacha Robotti

“Special Guests”

Date & Time:
4/7/17 | 1o PM


Age Restriction:

Claim a spot via Jukely or if you’re not ready to commit, head on over to Eventbrite to buy a ticket!