Rusko is spending NYE with the IRIS Family

Rusko is coming to Rush Lounge to say goodbye to 2016 and ring in 2017 with the IRIS family and some dubstep. If you’ve been to IRIS Saturdays, you know it’s always a good time filled with the best light shows, dancing, and EDM. This Saturday you get all of that; plus, you get to start a fresh new year! Glenn Goodhand, owner of IRIS Presents spoke to Four Over Four about how they started and what makes their events so unique.

How and when did this all start?

IRIS Saturdays started approximately 6 years ago at Rush Lounge. We were looking for a venue to host a monthly event and the club only wanted a promoter willing to come in to do a weekly.  We had hosted the most successful EDM weekly in the late 90s into the early 2000s so it made sense to continue that legacy.  The weekly event ESP101 [Learn To Believe] “for those that know” was reborn and classes were back in session.

What is your mission when booking talent and how is talent selected?

We try to book talent that fits our overall brand and commitment to a family atmosphere with commitment to quality and overall customer experience.  We are wide open to all genres of electronic music and have been very fortunate to have some incredible talent play at IRIS. We are fortunate to have the best customers (IRIS Family) in the world, which makes it really fun to provide a wide range of music selections. It’s always great to open people’s eyes and ears to new styles of music they may not have appreciated before coming to IRIS.

What role does the venue play in the overall city music scene?  

We like to consider ourselves a tiny slice of what the old school scene used to be. Focusing on the music and dance with incredible sound, lighting, and lasers with less attention to fancy chandeliers. If you want great music with amazing production any Saturday of the year, you know to come to IRIS. It is consistent.

I grew up in the original party scene in that late 80s and have been throwing parties since the late 90s.  This gives the night authenticity and what we call a true old school IRIS vibe.  We truly care about each and every single person that comes through the door.  We want everyone to have some of the best times of their life when they come to IRIS with friends and family, new and old.

What should fans coming to IRIS shows expect?

Beautiful people, beautiful art, beautiful surroundings, beautiful music, no expectations, no attitudes, no boundaries, no judgements, lots of love, new friends and family, immersive bass, and a vibe so thick you can taste it.

What is your team most excited about for the upcoming year?  

Rusko on NYE, 12th Planet on Saturday, January 21st, tons of amazing talent each and every Saturday, huge advances with Imagine Festival, and bringing beautiful memories to beautiful people that will last forever.

IRIS Saturdays are more than just music; you really create an experience for fans. How do you accomplish that?

We pride ourselves in bringing a festival like atmosphere each and every Saturday night to IRIS. We call it a 360 degree sensory experience. The best lights, lasers, sound, and a free pizza, candy, or doughnuts on occasion as well.  We like to keep people guessing. “We love you and it shows!”


Jukely members can grab a spot on the guestlist for Rusko this NYE. If you are not a Jukely member, you can purchase tickets here.