It seems with each passing year, the legend of Phish only grows. Luckily for the die-hard fans, that legend is still living. This summer, Phish is doing a series of shows at Madison Square Garden in late July/early August.

Of course, that is rarely enough. This is Phish we’re talking about after all! That’s where the concept of Phish After-Parties sprung up. They’re parties for people who want to keep the party going after… the party. And whether or not you go to the Phish concert, you can always hit up the after-party (or the pre-party, there are those too).

Okay, we’re going to get a bit meta here, but it’s worth it to stick through. Normally with shows, there’s one, and when we do contests, it’s a simple pair of tickets you have the chance to win. Since this is a series of shows though, for this contest, we’re giving away in one contest, tickets to three of the Phish After-Parties. Which three? Click this to find out.

Got it? Good.

There are tons of these Phish After-Parties too! You can see all of them on their website.

Phish After-Parties New York

Date & Time:
July 20th – August 6th, 2017 | Various Times

Various Locations

Age Restriction:
Various Age Restrictions

Tickets | Contest

Jukely Contest Package Details (July 21-23):

July 21st – Particle – 11:55 PM @ The Cutting Room
July 22nd – Twiddle – 11:55 PM @ Irving Plaza
July 23rd – Holly Bowling – 4 PM @ The Cutting Room

Phish After-Parties New York poster

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