Mano Le Tough
Mano Le Tough

If you know the L.A. party scene, all I have to tell you is that the next Prototype is on October 27th. See you there!

If you haven’t yet been lucky enough to check them out, now would be a great time to start. One of the city’s premier party series, Prototype is put on by the local electronic collective Droog (who will also be performing on this night). This one is a particular treat because the headliner is the reclusive Mano Le Tough.

If you’ve never seen the Maeve founder perform before, this is a perfect chance. His eclectic blend of electronic spans the breadth of the genre, drawing influences, and fans, from every corner of the craft. Although he’s very private in his personal life, when he gets on stage, wherever it is around the world and unleashes his sound, it’s undeniably incredible and critics everywhere rave.

Plus, it’s Halloweekend, so why not go out?

Prototype 080: Culprit – Mano Le Tough & Droog

Date & Time:
October 27th, 2018 | 10 PM

Lot 613
613 Imperial Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Age Restriction:

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