Buy local is a movement that applies more to food than anything else, but it’s an interesting philosophy to take to music as well. And for Angelenos, it doesn’t get more local than Droog.

The LA-based DJ collective is a trio comprised of Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin, and Justin Sloe, and together they’re constantly thinking of how they can push dance music forward into the future.

For years now, Droog has always cultivated the best talent for some of LA’s best parties. They’ve even expanded into building up their own homegrown talent through their label, Culprit, which they formed in 2009.

Enzo SiragusaThis time around, they’re bringing Enzo Siragusa along for the party. The London-based DJ and producer is the man behind Fuse, the event brand that includes his own underground parties, which are legendary in London and lauded as the finest the city has to offer. That’s no small feat considering how competitive the underground scene is in London. And it’s not hyperbole either considering the words of THUMP.

They’ll be playing at Lot 613, one of LA’s most interesting event spaces. It’s two vintage warehouses joined together with a courtyard that is used as both an event space and, since it’s LA, a filming location. This event is part of their “Prototype” series of parties, of which this is the 54th edition. All the Prototype events are definitely worth checking out, and why not start with this one?

Lot 613

Prototype 054: Culprit with Enzo Siragusa & Droog

Date & Time:
May 20th, 2017 | 10 PM

Lot 613
613 Imperial Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Age Restriction:

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