If you’ve never been to the world’s largest paint party, you should go. If you have, you know what you’re in for.

This Saturday, April 8th, Life In Color brings Dada Life and Ghastly to the Atlanta Coliseum. What started in Miami in 2007 as a small college event now attracts thousands of party-goers around the world. It’s become a can’t miss event, touring the world and painting cities across the globe. Atlanta, you better be ready because you’ll never be the same (and the Atlanta Coliseum will still be digging paint our of the cracks in the wall for years).

Every year they have a different theme to the tour, last year’s was Kingdom which featured a giant lion head as a stage. For the 10th anniversary of the tour, they’re going bigger than ever with the production. What does that mean? I think you know exactly what it means.

More lights, more bass, more paint.

Life in Color 2016

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Life in Color Atlanta poster