In 2006, Lee Denny threw a party in his parents’ backyard while they were away on holiday. That event turned out to be the inaugural LeeFest.

In the decade plus since, the festival has been a destination for people attracted to the art community atmosphere they offer. Although widely considered a small scale festival, it’s actually not so small anymore, attracting over 5,000 attendees per day in recent years and forcing a relocation to a bigger venue last year (they’ve long since left Lee’s parents’ backyard).

Of course, a higher profile also means bigger headliners. This year’s headliners are the biggest yet: Jake Bugg, Annie Mac, and Kate Tempest. The three of them also display the eclectic diversity of acts up and down the full lineup.  The LeeFest organizers have also promised one more huge headliner that they’re keeping a secret. I suppose you’ll just have to go to find out who it is.

This year’s theme is The Neverland. Drawing from the classic work of J. M. Barrie, festival-goers will be transported away to a mystical land with the Mermaids of Mermaids Lagoon, the Pirates at Skull Ridge, or join the Lost Boys in The Neverwoods (full costumes are encouraged).

If you’re looking to escape for a weekend and go on an adventure, head out to LeeFest 2017! #NeverGrowOld

LeeFest presents The Neverland 2017

Date & Time:
August 10th thru 12th, 2017 | 12 PM

John Darlings Farm,
Wilderness Lane,
near Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Age Restriction:

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leefest 2017 lineup poster

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