Honey Lotus, an alternative R&B band comprised of four Dallas natives, have dropped their second single, “New World.”

The band, previously known as Sir, was formed in 2015, but went through a recent rebranding and renaming. Their newest single has silky smooth vocals overlaid on a gentle alt-rock beat and feels like a modern take on the traditional R&B love ballad.

“Conceived on the cooled ashes of several music acts from the Dallas area, Honey Lotus set sail in the summer of 2016 as a creative experiment and collaboration between a group of musicians, producers, and graphic designers dedicated to keeping the idea of art and self-expression alive.”

It’s quite obvious that the band is filled with designers as well as musicians, as many of their songs are released alongside stunning visuals. Honey Lotus are playing their second show under their new name at Sundown at the Grenada in Dallas, before heading out to exotic destinations like Philadelphia and California.

Jukely members can listen to the Dallas band live on May 13 by claiming a spot.

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