While Wednesdays are technically the middle of the week, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid the temptation of celebrating the weekend prematurely. And the bookings of Clinic Wednesdays almost always ensures that’s a battle with temptation you’ll lose.

This week, they’ve brought in world renowned artist Robag Wruhme, an eccentric artist that’s been producing since the late 90s, both solo and as a half of Wighnomy Brothers. His most recent EP released in 2018 was one “solely for the dance floor.”

The event is sure to be one filled with dancing, laughter, fun, and excitement; AKA it’s definitely an excuse for you to go out on a weeknight. Look out Los Angeles, it’s time to get weird.

Wednesday, I’m in Love with Robag Wruhme

Date & Time
February 13, 10 PM — 2:30 AM

Station 1640
1640 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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