Is there anything better than a celebrity taking direct interest in non-profits? How about building a non-profit? Now make the non-profit involve… CATS. Bingo.

DJ Coyu and a cat

Coyu, a Catalan-native producer currently residing in Barcelona, has done just that. His obsession with cats isn’t just persona based, filled with hour long ‘podcats’ and cat themed apparel for his label. His love for the four-legged creatures goes beyond that, to the creation of Suara Foundation. That’s right, Suara is not just the name of his label, but the name of his shelter dedicated to rehoming cats in need.

Coyu surprised to see cats. For some reason

If his charitable efforts don’t sway you into Coyu-fandom, his techno house certainly will. His remixes and originals make Suara House one of the most prominent labels in the world of techno and house music.

Recently, he’s been praised for aiding the little guy trying to make it in the music industry. He has personally reviewed singles sent in to the label’s email address as a means of proactively working against the feedback wheel of big names being publicized.

Or maybe, all character aside, you just enjoy deep, dark minimal tech-house from Spain. Want a night to tap into brooding, chilling electronic? Don’t miss him this Saturday at Webster Hall.

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