So there’s a tunnel between New York and Miami…

Nope, we’re going to skip the dumb joke about how one of Brooklyn’s best underground parties is coming to one of Miami’s best underground venues. Nobody is literally underground. There are no moles. Everything is well-lit and will register positively on an altitude meter.

That said, the Brooklyn party crew known as Bushwick A/V is most notorious for throwing after-hours parties. After-hours in New York means 4 AM start times. Somehow SÜNDE managed to convince them to wake up early and throw a party at Miami’s Electric Pickle that starts at 6. PM not AM. Although you might find yourself there until 6 AM.

Why? Because you don’t want to rush through a lineup like this:

Cry Baby (FM Elle, Nervous Records – Birthday Set!)

Gio Gulez (TBA Brooklyn, Bushwick A/V)

Myroslaw Bytz (Secret Guests, Bushwick A/V)

Alex Serna (SÜNDE)

Diego Devoto (VIVA la VIDA, SÜNDE)

Sam T Richardson (UK)

Steve Amoroso (Secret Guests, SÜNDE)

Now that you’re already running to be there, all that’s left is the details. Like when and where. Where are you running? You don’t even know anything yet! (At least find out what day it is!)

Bushwick A/V x SÜNDE

Date & Time:
July 16th, 2017 | 6 PM

Electric Pickle
2826 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

Age Restriction:

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