fabric birthday party 18 london

Despite a “birthday” being only one day and one day equaling 24 hours, fabric will be celebrating their birthday with a 30 hour party.

Fabric birthday 18th partyOf course, Fabric didn’t get to where they are in the London music scene by being conventional. They got to where they are by subverting expectations (and apparently the laws of time and space) and going big. Nothing’s bigger than a 30 hour continuous party!

The party will start at 11 PM on Saturday, October 21st and will finish up 30 hours later at 5 AM on Monday, October 23rd. So far ten acts have been confirmed, Ricardo Villalobos, Abdulla Rashim, Blawan, Jay Clarke, Margaret Dygas, Nicolas Lutz, Raresh, and Voigtmann, plus residents Craig Richards and Terry Francis, with more perhaps yet to be announced (including for their Friday night party which will precede the 30 hour party, presumably with a break in between).

Ricardo VillalobosThe club is celebrating its 18th birthday, the legal drinking age, which may explain why they’re going all out this year. Also, the celebrated music venue didn’t get to celebrate its 17th birthday because of financial difficulties that forced them to temporarily close. That may be where the extra hours are coming from…

Tickets are still available for the birthday bash. Do you have the dance stamina for it?

Check out more upcoming shows at Fabric.

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