drums tokens

If you didn’t know, Four Over Four is the blog for Jukely, a concert subscription service in 16 cities worldwide. It’s like Spotify but for live music. Learn more about the main service at Jukely.com.

If you’re already a user, you’ve noticed that we moved from a points system to a token system and we wanted to help you understand the new feature. If you’re completely new to this, download the app (iOS / Android) and check it out!

What are DRUMS Tokens?

In its simplest form, DRUMS Tokens are the currency of our new rewards ecosystem on Jukely, replacing points. You can still earn them, use them, and now they never expire.

Using DRUMS will not only allow users to jump up on the list for in-demand shows and/or upgrade their Jukely membership, but more importantly, it will allow us the opportunity to build out our offerings for members in an all-new way. DRUMS will reward members for doing what they already do, share music with their friends across social media, blogs, and texts. And, who doesn’t love supporting their new favorite artists?

The best part? This is only the beginning. In the future, we have plans to expand the use of DRUMS Tokens into many other facets of the Jukely ecosystem. Stay tuned!

How do I earn DRUMS?

First, download the latest version of the app (iOS / Android). Then, click on the Missions tab.

  1. Hype” shows that are coming up on the platform that you are interested in, or would like to see.
  2. Review” both shows you’ve been to and albums that are listed on the Jukely app.

The more unique visitors you have visiting your Hypes and Reviews, the more DRUMS you will earn. As an added bonus, the more tokens you’ve earned, the more tokens you will receive from a daily reward pool. And finally, there’s no subscription needed to start earning DRUMS.

The program is just getting started, but the possibilities are endless. Hypes and Reviews are only the first stages of the plan for introducing DRUMS, there will be more.