new music friday

Wait, you don’t have a Walkman? What about an 8-track player? No? If you’re buying these all on record it’s going to be expensive, even CDs are going to cost a bunch of money. You know what? Let’s just stream them! I’ll include the links in this week’s New Music Friday, just for you.

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We Were Promised Jetpacks – The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream

The boys from Scotland are growing up and their sound is evolving right along with them. If you’re looking for the rock ‘n’ roll energy of 2009’s These Four Walls, you won’t find it, but in no way is that a bad thing, it’s just different. The record has a warmer tone that’s more of a reflection than a direct line of sight.
Favorite tracks: “Repeating Patterns” & “Hanging In”

Bob Moses – Battle Lines

This album is just endlessly cool and it oddly sounds easy (which is hard). The duo mixes up electronic with rock ‘n’ roll and songwriting that is taking it all to another level. This is the kind of album that gets people to pay attention, then asks, “Is this the direction that rock is headed?”
Favorite tracks: “Heaven Only Knows” & “Battle Lines”

Jungle – For Ever

Take a journey directly into the ’70s with this mix of disco, soul, and funk. When listening you’re going to be transported to one of two places, A. to the dance floor of an old club, with a massive disco ball spinning and bell bottoms everywhere, or B. into a convertible, driving down the California coast. Either way, it’s going to be refreshing.
Favorite tracks: “Heavy, California” & “Casio”

Orbital – Monsters Exist

This record reminds me that Halloween is coming. It’s a mix of sounds that bring together Castlevania, Stranger Things, and your favorite music to dance to. It also comes in at just under an hour and a half, so if you’re looking for the perfect party mix for all of October (or year round), this is it.
Favorite tracks: “To Dream Again” & “Monsters Exist”

Fred Thomas – Aftering

By far one of the most difficult albums of the week, but don’t let that dissuade you, it’s worth the time you’ll put in. There’s more spoken word than singing, nailing down a single genre is impossible, and at points, the layers feel like they’ll crash down around you. But when you’re done listening, you’ll feel like you just finished an incredible indie film.
Favorite tracks: “Hopeless Ocean Drinker” & “Altar”

Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises

With so much touring with The 1975, it’s hard to believe this is their debut studio album. The album epitomizes everything that they are with a focus on love and heartbreak while still being danceable and poppier than corn. It’s a super fun album even while tackling some painful topics.
Favorite tracks: “Red” & “Drive”

Dream Child – Until Death Do We Meet Again

When it first kicks off, you may think you’re in a horror movie, but then you’re whisked into a heavy metal wonderland. Also, coming in at over an hour, you’ve got plenty of time to bask in their old school metal wailings. It’s the perfect mix of Ozzy, AC/DC, and DIO… probably because it’s made up of former members. This is the definition of a supergroup.
Favorite tracks: “Games of Shadows” & “Midnight Song”

BONUS EP: First Aid Kit – Tender Offerings

The Swedish folk-pop duo is back with four tracks of pure beauty. It’s smooth, it’s soft, and there’s a classic singer/songwriter vibe to it that you’ll fall for. There’s also an interesting country backbone. Deeply personal lyrics that are so close to home that it hurts.
Favorite track: “I’ve Wanted You”

BONUS SINGLE: Modern Chemistry – “Take a Second”

A Four Over Four favorite is back with a single after last year’s Everything in Gold. It’s what you’re looking for in a Modern Chemistry track while adding a bit of ’80s nostalgia to the sound that’s reminiscent of Atomic Tom. Hopefully, this is just the tease of something bigger coming soon.

See you next week!