Stranger Things new music friday

It’s Halloween weekend and there’s absolutely nothing better than going into it, head first, with music. So as the title says, it’s New Music Friday and it’s time to treat yo’self with these sweet lil’ beasties.


Hollywood Undead – Five

Album number five is aptly named Five. And if you’re into rap, rock, pop, and metal joining forces as one, this is your favorite album of the week. Fourteen tracks that will take you through some super hard metal riffs, directly into smooth vocals, then slipping into straight up pop music. At points, you’ll feel like the album is a little disjointed with so many flavors, but once you get about halfway in, it takes off.
Favorite tracks: “California Dreaming” & “Renegade” 

Theory of a Deadman – Wake Up Call

With the first lyrics, I thought I was in the twilight zone, “I wear a 36 long, white is my color.” But once we got in further, it all cleared up nicely. If you’re not into the kids vernacular, this isn’t going to be your album, but if you can get past that, it’s so much fun. The further you get into the album, the sweeter it gets, kicking off with Wake Up Call.
Favorite tracks: “Straight Jacket” & “Rx (Medicate)” 

The Used – Canyon

I’m not crying, you’re crying. That opening track will kick you right in the feels. This double album has an incredible 3D feel to it, most likely because it was recorded directly to tape. If you’re just getting into The Used, this is a great album full of deep explorations on life, love, death, etc. But for the old fans from their self-titled album 15 years ago, they only skirt around the outside of the sound we fell in love with (especially my two favorites).
Favorite tracks: “Over and Over Again” & “Broken Windows” 

Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear

If you injected Black Keys with even more soul, you’d have Curtis Harding. This retro future-soul album is packed to the brim with heartfelt singing and lyrics. If you’re looking for something to play during a nice dinner soirée, this will do everything you need for the night.
Favorite tracks: “Wednesday Morning Atonement” & “Need Your Love” 

Left Behind – Blessed by the Burn

By far the heaviest album of the week. And in all reality, how could it not be? It’s about the lead singers struggle after his girlfriend was beaten and passed away. This metal album is full of hate, anger, and a bit of a supernatural aspect because that’s how he felt as it was happening.
Favorite tracks: “Paranoid” & “Focus on the Flesh” 

Fever Ray – Plunge

The solo project from Swedish singer Karin Dreijer is out eight years after the first. Has a very dark, unique look on the world. It deals with the thought that nothing is fixed, there are no limits, sexuality, or emotions. At times it’s almost robotic, and then her gorgeous vocals come back and hit the listener like a brick. It sounds like a mix of Fifth Element, electronic, and Nine Inch Nails.
Favorite tracks: “An Itch” & “To The Moon And Back” 

Bonus EP: MØ – When I Was Young

Who doesn’t love a Halloween surprise? This Danish pop singer gave us just that with this lil’ six track delight. The EP at its heart is all about love and growing up with her gorgeous vocals grabbing onto your heartstrings and never letting go.
Favorite track: “When I Was Young” 

Even Bonuserer: Stranger Things 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)

There are so many cool things that happen for this one. 1. You’re going to recognize that first track immediately if you saw the first one. 2. It continues the creepy music throughout the entire 34 tracks. But what’s really exciting for fans is number three. 3. Track number 34 is called “To Be Continued.”
Favorite track: All of them… 

See you in November homies!

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