Update: It is not, in fact, spooky.

Some people refer to Friday the 13th as “Jason Day.”

Well, people named Jason do.

Well… I do.

(taps mic) Is this thing on?

Happy New Music Friday (Jason Day)!

Here’s THIRTEEN for ya.

The Plan – Nervous Energy

Possibly the most perfectly named album of the week. Twelve super punchy tracks that’ll get anyone twitching in the best way possible. It’s jagged, it’s cerebral, and it feels like a dark album that’s really happy to be dark, or a happy album with a dark side (it’s still up in the air). In 28 minutes, you’re taken on a trippy journey, enjoy.
Favorite tracks: “Chambers & Bright Lights” 

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Lotta Sea Lice

What happens when two incredible musicians join forces? An album that sounds like you’ve got two front row seats to a private conversation. One of the best parts about the record is the fact that it’s not the lovey dovey duets we’re used to, it’s just cool conversations that we’re lucky to be a part of.
Favorite tracks: “Untogether & Over Everything” 

The Rural Alberta Advantage – The Wild

If you’re ready for some high energy folk rock, this is your jammy wham. Some songs feel like highly caffeinated Bob Dylan tracks, and I’m into it. If you were walking through the woods and saw a barn lit up in the distance, with music echoing through the hills, I would expect it would be this band rocking the hell out of it and I’d be in line to see’em.
Favorite tracks: “Alright & Wild Grin” 

Electric Six – How Dare You

Dick Valentine is my hero. The fact that these guys have released a new record (or more) every year for almost 15 years is incredible. The best part about the band and album is the mixing of genres and the lyrics that come out of left field. It’s full of incredible rock n’ roll, synths, keyboards, and Dick Valentine’s vocals slamming into your brain on every track. If you don’t know them yet, the question has to be, “How Dare You?”
Favorite tracks: “The Loveliest Man In Town & She’s a Forgery” 

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Vol. 1

Fuzzy guitar goodness. This album is twisted mix of everything from acid rock (obviously) to psych to doom to heavy metal. It’s a good time rolled into something that sounds unpolished, but for good reason. It’s like a CEO on a Harley, badass, but definitely there to bring the business. You should listen to it blasting out of your motorcycle speakers.
Favorite tracks: “Crystal Spiders & Witches Garden” 

King Krule – The OOZ

At an hour and six minutes, this is a beast of an album. Describing it could prove difficult though, because there’s nothing like it out there. It’s a mix of spoken word, electronic, ’60s swagger, R&B, and a voice that can be described as 3D because he traverses the room with it. The voice can be in your face at points and just a whisper in the distance at others. Super unique album. This one will stick with you.
Favorite tracks: “The Locomotive & Vidual” 

Narcotic Wasteland – Delirium Tremens

There are three focuses on this album; death, decay, and drugs. If any of these things interest you, and you’re down for some hardcore death metal, this will be your new favorite album. And I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard drums or guitar quite this fast. Honestly, even if you don’t like music this heavy, you have to respect the hell out of the musicians who make it. This is a nightmare that I’d happily walk into.
Favorite tracks: “Pharma Culture & In Memoriam” 

The Score – Atlas

You would never think that this record was made by only two guys. This is another one that’s hard to stick into a genre. You can say alt-rock, singer/songwriter, pop, and almost R&B on some tracks. If you’re looking for an album full of feel good tracks and super positive lyrics, check The Score.
Favorite tracks: “Miracle & Never Going Back” 

Stick To Your Guns – True View

WHAT? Stop what you’re doing and listen to the first track, 3 Feet from Peace. Are you listening? Whoever produced this is a genius, the way they layered the screaming behind the main vocals on the track is a straight up genius. The rest of the album is just as awesome with a heavy mix of aggression and raw emotion. Through the Chain Link will rip your heart out if you have one.
Favorite tracks: “3 Feet from Peace & 56” 

The Front Bottoms – Going Grey

One of my favorite bands is growing up, and they’re going grey, and that’s okay. As lyricists, I love everything they do. It’s just witty as all hell, and I can’t get enough. Their sound on this album is definitely different than their last, but as the name of the record alludes, they’re growing up and evolving. Super tight songs that begs to be seen live. Excited to see where they go from here.
Favorite tracks: “Don’t Fill Up On Chips & You Used To Say (Holy Fuck)” 


This is one of the coolest rap albums I’ve heard recently. With a lot of big experiments laid out throughout the record, including voicemails that are played one after another on top of each other almost transporting the listener into the shoes of who the messages were meant for. It feels almost like the backing track of his life to this point and it’s beautiful. He may be IDK (ignorantly delivering knowledge), but I don’t hear any ignorance.
Favorite tracks: “Mrs. Lynch, Your Son Is The Devil & Pizza Shop Extended” 


She says that this is her most personal album, if you want to know her, just listen. After listening, I can tell you that she’s been through hell. This is her most pop-focused, but she still grabs tightly at her roots, so don’t be scared. The song New York has possibly one of the best lines ever, “you’re the only motherfucker in the city who can handle me.” Listen to it if you’re prepared to dive deep and go on a journey.
Favorite tracks: “New York & Pills” 

BONUS EP: araabMUZIK – One of One

With collaborations on 5 of the 6 tracks, you’re going to hear a good bit of diversity on this one. Nevelle Virachocha, Yo Trane, CT, and Illmind join him on a mix of tracks that sound like a mix of nu disco and electro R&B. My question is the song Choir the first electronic choir music? Because if so, I could get down with more.
Favorite track: “Choir” 

That’s it, get outta here.



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