New Music Friday

Sit down children, and I will tell you a tale. A tale of the three R’s of music. Which in our case are obviously rhythm, rhyme, and rock (then repeat, but we’re not going to include that in the R’s).

This week’s got eight short stories to give your Friday the kind of start it deserves.


FYFE – The Space Between

If you don’t know this English singer, songwriter, and guitar player, you will very soon. With 11 tracks at 41 minutes and not a single track on the album that isn’t gorgeous, it’s going to be hard not to know about Paul Dixon. If you listen to the final track, “Closing Time,” and don’t get sentimental, we have nothing in common.
Favorite Tracks – “Closing Time” & “Love You More”

Big Thief – Capacity

This is a hauntingly emotional folk rock trip through Adrianne Lenker’s life. The amount of grace and introspection throughout the entire album is what will be held onto by many listeners. And compared to their first album, Masterpiece, this one takes a few steps up the ladder. And while it IS an emotional album, and it IS about a lot of sadness, the album feels like a warm embrace.
Favorite Tracks – “Great White Shark” & “Capacity”

Allie X – CollXtion II

The Toronto-based synth-pop artist takes a page from her diary and does an amazing job of connecting with anyone who’s been in a relationship, been hurt, or wants to be. Most songs on the track have an incredible way of pulling the listener toward the end, where the tracks really shine.
Favorite Tracks – “Paper Love” & “Casanova”

Anathema – The Optimist

I’ll start with the negative, there are a few times throughout the 58 minute album that I was bored. But, once the track took off, all was forgiven. The album’s got an incredible mix of rock and an almost ethereal orchestra vibe to it. With almost all of the tracks hovering around the five minute mark and one beast clocking in at 11:42, it’s got something for everyone.
Favorite Tracks – “San Francisco” & “Back to the Start”

INVSN – The Beautiful Stories

It’s called The Beautiful Stories, and it might be, but it sounds like a post-apocalyptic Morrissey in an industrial warehouse with male and female vocals. Let that sink in a minute… This is a short one with only seven tracks, but the album is heavy and feels like a lot longer than 30 minutes.
Favorite Tracks – “Deconstruct Hits” & “The Constant War”

Necrot – Blood Offerings

This is what death metal should sound like. Guttural vocals, drums that crush souls, and a guitar that melts your face off. But don’t worry, all figuratively. You’ll be fine if you listen to it. And, if you need to see it in person, catch them on their month-long Make America Death Again Tour with Denmark-based death metal savants Undergang, starting in June.
Favorite Tracks – “Rather be Dead” & “Empty Hands”

Anoraak – Black Gold Sun

The best things come in small packages, right? This lil’ gem only has six songs, but they pack a punch. Anoraak’s newest album has a retro electronic tinge to most tracks, and the opening song plays almost like a pop track once you get into it. The middle of the album is where he really shows off his skill as an artist.
Favorite Tracks – “Last Call” & “Skyline”

Rise Against – Wolves

Ladies and gentlemen, Rise Against IS BACK with a heavily political album that reminds me of the Rise Against from Appeal to Reason! Lead singer Tim McIlrath stated that he wanted “to create dangerous spaces where misogyny can’t exist, where xenophobia can’t exist. I want to create spaces where those sentiments don’t have any air, and they suffocate: where those ideas die. Wolves isn’t about creating a safe space, it’s about creating a space that’s dangerous for injustice.” You did it, Tim. Thank you.
Favorite Tracks – “Wolves” & “The Violence”

Which was your favorite from the list? Tell us on Twitter!

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