Ahhhh, the Friday before a holiday weekend… is there anything like it? Oh, you don’t have off Monday? That’s too bad. You have off Tuesday though, right? No?

At least there’s new music to listen to… right?

Either way, I dedicate this NMF to you.

Moon Diagrams – Lifetime of Love

Deerhunter co-founder and drummer Moses Archuleta is bringing an experimental ambient instrumental album to light after being ten years in the making. If you’re looking for something to put on in the background without vocals (for the most part) to really grind on some work, this is the perfect album. It’s an overtly atmospheric experiment in sound, and while nothing like Deerhunter, it’s a good time coming in at 52 minutes.
Favorite tracks: “The Ghost and the Host” & “End of Heartache”

Greg Ashley – Pictures of Saint Paul Street

Somehow, he makes songs of self-destruction and debauchery sound like a pretty okay time. The album’s got stories about drinking, “medicating,” and interacting with an otherwise negative society. While listening, I could see it all being played in a saloon, while a rambunctious fight goes on in the foreground, bottles flying, and Greg continuing his flow unaffected.
Favorite tracks: “Bullshit Society” & “Self Destruction Derby”

James Elkington – Wintres Woma

From track one, you know you’re listening to a guitar maestro. Yes, the vocals that softly wrap this album up are good, but being able to hear every move of his fingers up the strings and finger-plucking that is near godly, that’s where this album shines. The vibe throughout is one of contemporary classical and ’60s folk. Note to self: Listen to this on a cabin porch while it snows.
Favorite tracks: “Make It Up” & “Greatness Yet to Come”

Terry – Remember Terry

Snappy Australian indie pop with a lo-fi charm that’s easy to enjoy. After their first album, they continue down the rabbit hole with the same homey sing-song feel and a few tracks adding synthesizer. If you’re looking for something to relax to and grab a few great hooks, this is your record.
Favorite tracks: “Take Me to the City” & “Gun”

The Acacia Strain – Gravebloom

By FAR, the heaviest album dropping this week. With songs like Plague Doctor, Big Sleep, and Dark Harvest, you should expect nothing less. This is slow doom metal with a lead singer who sounds like he’s a descendant of the devil or at least some kind of demon. If it’s heavy you like, they deliver it.
Favorite tracks: “Bitter Pill” & “Model Citizen”

Baio – Man Of The World

The bassist from Vampire Weekend brings us the most fun on the list this week. Not only is it a good time, but it’s super unique. Some of the vocals almost remind me of OK GO, but they have their own quirky timing that just put a smile on my face. The songs sometimes feel like he’s got more to say than the song has time for, and I mean that in the best way. A lil synthy, a lil pop, and a lot of a good time.
Favorite tracks: “Out of Tune” & “PHILOSOPHY!”


The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream

After touring with The 1975, it seems a little of it rubbed off on her new EP, with George Daniel (the drummer from The 1975) even playing on the single, “Saw You In A Dream.” At 20 minutes, you’re going to listen to these four dreamy pop songs and wish Amber had more right now. It’s an emotional journey and surprisingly upbeat for the subject matter.
Favorite track: “3/3”

That’s it for this week. If you’re lucky, you can listen to them right now, while starting your long weekend. Or not. But listen, either way!

Are we missing any? Tell us on Twitter who you’re loving this week.

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