We’re not retiring New Music Friday. Don’t worry. But sometimes, you have to tell people that you’re retiring to change things up and get even more people’s attention.

The first band on the countdown has nothing to do with the title of this piece, or the first paragraph… at all.


LCD Soundsytem – American Dream

I know… they retired… but not for real. And honestly, no one wanted them to, so everything is fine. I wasn’t too nervous going into this one, because LCD Soundsystem has always known exactly what they’re doing. This is classic LCD. No, Murphy isn’t diving into anything new or surprising, it’s just straight up, good times, LCD Soundsystem.
Favorite tracks: “emotional haircut” & “other voices” 

Bicep – Bicep

The duo from Belfast is back. I won’t lie to you, when I first listened to this one, I thought it was a little boring. I’m sorry. But then… something happened. Song 8 dropped, Opal, and I found myself dancing at my desk. It’s a well rounded album with a somehow low-fi technicality to it. Listen and tell me how you would describe it.
Favorite tracks: “Opal” & “Aura” 

The Rails – Other People

This London-based husband and wife duo will melt your hearts with their folk-rock duets. It’s an album that you could put on for anyone and they’d find something about it they could appreciate. It’s one of those timeless records you can put on whenever you want.
Favorite tracks: “Brick and Mortar” & “Shame” 


There’s something nostalgic about this debut album. But not in the way you’d think. The sound London band just feels like friends. They do it by mixing the sounds of ’90s pop, Bruce Springsteen, and a dash of Smashing Pumpkins. This is another one that you can put on for anyone.
Favorite tracks: “Vultures” & “World on Fire” 

The Babe Rainbow – The Babe Rainbow

I’m gonna name this genre, psychedelic nu-jazz. That’s right, psychedelic nu-jazz. It’s upbeat, it’s fun, and it’s got a sound that’s just as comfortable today as it would be in the ’70s. A lot of the tracks have a fun layering of voices that’ll get you smiling. Overall, it’s the feel-good album of the week.
Favorite tracks: “Monkey Disco” & “Losing Something” 

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The Echo of Pleasure

First off, if you’re a fan, and were let down with the new direction they went with the last album, Days of Abandon, do not skip over this! They’re back to their former glory! Only one song goes back to the pared down sound from DOA (Stay). Every other track is the fuzzy, sonic highway that you remember from their 2009 release.
Favorite tracks: “When I Dance with You” & “Falling Apart so Slow” 

Dalek – Endangered Philosophies

Take your favorite sludgy guitars, mix them with heavy handed drums, haunting synths, and socially driven rap, and you’ve got what could be the most interesting album of the week. Could be the soundtrack to a horror flick, and I mean that in the best of ways.
Favorite tracks: “Weapons” & “Nothing Stays Permanent” 

12th Planet – Let Us Prey EP

Five songs. Sixteen minutes. And everything you need out of the dubstep/future bass/grime world. It’s hard hitting, aggressive, and will most likely piss off your neighbors if you have it at the right volume level.
Favorite track: “Sooo Sick” 


See you next week!



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