Today is a special day. First, it’s Friday, an across the board good day. You only have a few hours left until two days of sweet sweet serenity (I mean, I hope you do). AND, of course, it’s NEW MUSIC FRIDAY!!! Check out the 8 albums below and a bonus single!

Shall we?

Thurston Moore – Rock n Roll Consciousness

Well, well, well. The former guitarist of a little band called Sonic Youth is here with a new 5 track LP. But just because it’s only 5 tracks doesn’t mean it’s a short one, with two songs breaking the 10 minute mark and the other three past 6, this is a thick release from the artist. This one might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for some trippy calm and euphoric twists and turns, you’ve found it.

College – Shanghai

If the background music to a movie had a soundtrack, this would be it. That being said, it’s not a movie soundtrack, but it might hit even harder if it was. Songs like Love Peas begs for someone to be paired to a musical with a young woman walking through snow as bombs go off in the background (maybe leave the bombs out?). Either way, take a listen and enjoy the trip.

BNQT – Volume 1

There’s something familiar about this album, then you remember that this isn’t just ‘some group,’ it’s a mix of Band of Horses, Franz Ferdinand, Midlake, and Grandaddy. At the end of the day, you’d think 5 vocalists would be fighting each other for time, but they seem to bring the perfect balance for an overly fun, toe-tapping, easy to enjoy and consume album.

Feist – Pleasure

On the fifth release from Canadian indie pop artist Feist, we hear a bit of a different side. It sounds much more like an EP than a full-length album, especially in the recording, almost like it was done in a room that wasn’t entirely silent. It’s an intimate album that she truly dives into the darker sides of pleasure. This one could resonate with a lot of people.

Mark Mulcahy – The Possum in the Driveway

A studio fire, a car crash, and a bout of the measles will not stop this album from happening! The thing about the album that really interested me wasn’t even how it came to be, but the fact that there’s not a single genre on it. Mark jumps through unexpected territory around every turn and the album is as unique as its name.

Mew – Visuals

On the 7th album by the Danish alternative trio, we hear a bit of a different side. They’re taking less risks on this one. Some fans may not be thrilled about it, but I have a feeling that those who aren’t familiar with Mew might just love the new sound. Flowing vocals with epic electro backgrounds make this album soar.

Little Cub – Still Life

The debut full-length from a British indie-pop trio. With super strong 80s synth, vocals that seem to intertwine with each other, and a strong beat, this is gonna rub a lot of people the right way. It’s also written in a way that makes the entire album feel like we’re getting to take a listen from someone’s diary. A vulnerable album masked in synthy pop goodness.

Cashmere Cat – 9

After the earlier version of this album was leaked last year, fans were nervous (to say the least), but now that the album has actually dropped, have no fear! Collaborations are heavy throughout, we’re talking Kehlani, Kacy Hill, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, and MANY more. This album is the best of electronic mixed with the best of R&B. Enjoy.

Kilter – I Hear You

If this single is any preview of what’s going to be going on in his debut album, Through The Distortion, out June 9, fans are going to be thrilled. Collaborating with Melbourne’s Madeleine Jayne and MARIBELLE this song is your summer 2017 banger. AND he also just announced a massive Australian tour to support it.

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