Sassy 009 – Kill Sassy 009

“The rich atmosphere to the EP oozes from both the crackly recording and the hushed vocals, murmuring like a ghostly siren luring you into their shimmering, oceanic musical environment. Behind this are subtly infectious beats and dreamy, lo-fi melodies, best exemplified on the addictive ‘Thrasher’ and ‘Maybe in the Summer’. As the autumn nights draw in darker by the day, it feels like the perfect time for the moody, enticing sounds of Kill Sassy 009 to arrive.” – Loud and Quiet

Ptwiggs – Darkening Of Light

“Ptwiggs second EP ‘Darkening of Light’ brings her signature heavy industrial drums alongside ethereal auto-tuned vocals embedded in immersive building melodies. Exploring concepts of pre-determinism, fatalism and the influence of the Ancient Chinese divination system, the I Ching. ‘Darkening of Light’ is cryptic without passing into the realms of the unknowable, It’s six tracks should be given time to unfurl and explain themselves in full.” – Boomkat

Luke Lalonde – The Perpetual Optimist

“It’s impossible to confront a global issue such as climate change in a single album, but Lalonde attempts to capture a burst of feelings that the topic provokes. By continuing the unselfconscious songwriting most evidently featured on Ruffians’ Ruff, he succeeds in making a short, unique commentary. It brings some solace even if it also borders on feeling inconsequential or naïve.” – Exclaim!

Christian Alexander – Summer 19

“Straight outta his bedroom from the mighty northern town of Preston comes further tails of emotional rawness cloaked in lo-fi beats clicks and samples- honest creativity.” – Get Into This

Amelie Lens – Fabric Presents Amelie Lens (DJ Mix)

“While Lens is known for her full throttle DJ sets, her fabric presents is a more nuanced affair that showcases the full spectrum of techno.” – Fabric London