Plastic Picnic – Vistalite 🥫

“Encompassing a heavenly sound as soft as a summer’s breeze, the hazy sounds evoke the deepest of sensations, especially seen in the compilation. Spanning retro-synth undertones and imbued with mature whimsicality, Plastic Picnic outdo themselves in Vistalite, delivering a soft-spoken curation of mellifluous reveries. ” – Ear Milk

Goon – Heaven is Humming 🍼

“Throbbing like a three-year-long internal bruise on the ribcage of what it means to be daringly vulnerable, Heaven is Humming is unshackled, ranging in a state of creative weirdness and physical instability and might well be the captured healing session we all need to get us through mercury’s retrograde and beyond. ” – London in Stereo

Tuxedo – Tuxedo III 🍣

“Tuxedo III is more good groove goodness from Detroit blue-eyed soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne and Seattle hip-hop producer Jake One.” – Exclaim!

Chris LaRocca – Saudade 📡

“Despite its relative subtlety, his newest EP utilizes the grandeur of sepia-toned swells to match the momentous live events that he unravels with explicit particularity. LaRocca opts for a more playful articulation of the well-established “Toronto Sound,” and understands that experimenting with the shapes of oblong sonic environments can create spaces explore the giddiness of a new love, or the devastating blowback when it inevitably dissolves.” – A.Side

Generationals – Reader As Detective 👅

“Reader As Detective is a bold step forward for the band, a summer album that you won’t need to turn your brain off to enjoy and one that keeps you looking forward to what they come up with next.” – Northern Transmissions