Nérija – Blume 💮

“…it’s the way Blume can spiral out into fantastic realms while continually returning to the source that makes the record so fascinating. Recorded on a floating studio by the Isle of Dogs with producer Kwes at the controls, Nérija’s debut is undoubtedly one of the most contagious, perplexing and inspired UK jazz releases to come your way in 2019.” – Crack Magazine

Arthur Moon – Arthur Moon 🔹

“Arthur Moon’s new self-titled debut album is a breath of fresh air. Each track can be described as both whimsical and unique. The eclectic layered sounds come together to create a tune that is deconstructed yet perfectly composed.” – Alt Revue

i_o – House Of God 🛶

“House of God spans a large expanse of the techno genre in just four tracks, from the melodic to the groovy. A true representation of i_o’s production prowess. Having recently debuted a Jauz collab and surely with many more exciting tunes in the works, the mysterious i_o is one to keep an i out for.” – Cultr

Clairo – Immunity 🏸

“Now better known as Clairo, the 20-year-old musician arrives with her debut album ‘Immunity’, a project that sees her continue to distance herself from the trappings of the bedroom pop label that was initially ascribed to her. Clairo’s range is on full display throughout the album’s run time as she explores her queer identity and the toll her success takes on interpersonal relationships. ” – Clash Music

Ty Segall – First Taste ⛽️

“First Taste is scatterbrained and self-indulgent, no doubt. But that’s also what makes it such heady fun. Segall once again makes the various ideas and sounds floating about in his head something worth listening to.” – Consequence Of Sound