Honeymoan – Weirdo EP

“Combining a number of genres to perfect their unique sound, HONEYMOAN are a band unafraid to vocalize unconventional pop topics in their music – this is quite simply one of the many reasons why they’re so effortlessly brilliant. Weirdo is an EP that should be listened to all day everyday, its infectious & an exploration into pushing the boundaries of genre.” – Earmilk

Niia – II: La Bella Vita

“An intimate portrait of the complexities of falling in and out of love, Valentine’s Day release II: La Bella Vita sees Niia wear her heart, and influences, on her sleeve.” – The Standard

Grimes – Miss_Anthrop0cene

“Miss_Anthrop0cene is the perfect Grimes record for 2020, delving into topical themes such as climate change with an eclectic mix of genres. It’s certainly her darkest, most ambitious project yet, and it works on nearly all levels.” – Consequence of Sound

Agnes Obel – Myopia

“It’s very dreamy and a bit fuzzy; but magnetic. Once pulled in, it’s hard to let go. It’s a mysterious place that seemingly offers no easy exits. That kind of vibe basically continues through the ten tracks, some more colorful than others, some with simple and others with more complex beats, punctuated with sparking keyboard runs, vocal layers, and lush meshing of synths with the strings. Obel’s voice is remarkably beautiful, seemingly floating above it all.” – Glide Magazine

Banoffee – Look At Us Now Dad

“ Inspired by her own past, and that of her family (especially her father), Banoffee weaves a frank story of forging a new identity amongst pain. Its title alone builds a picture of storm clouds clearing and brighter futures ahead. And while many of the songs are autobiographical, each one is created to feel universal. What is cathartic for one person is much needed reassurance to another.” – The Line of Best Fit

Spinning Coin – Hyacinth

“ As the album swerves along gleefully, it’s hard to predict what will come next, but it’s clear that the band have invested the album with a dose of energy and excitement that was missing on the otherwise fine Permo. They sound like a group with a burning desire to make music that punches hard and leaves a deep impression when it connects. ” – All Music