This week was absolutely slammed with new album releases! Here’s a round up of a few you should check out.

MONO – Nowhere Now Here

Japanese band MONO celebrates its twentieth year with this release, creating an album much like their previous work, “woven ambient sounds, cinematic power metal, and dissonance into a unique melodic sensibility at once fragile and beautiful.” Only this time, they’ve added electronic elements.

William Tyler – Goes West

Somewhere between American primitivism and progressive folk lies William Tyler’s newest album. This instrumental album is charged with energy and electricity.

Sneaks – Highway Hypnosis

This album has been described as intoxicatingly weird, which sums the album up in a way it cannot be in words. It’s a sparse, purposeful sonic landscape filled with striking samples. While not for everyone, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Rival Sons – Feral Roots

This is the sixth album from this California band, and it’s packed to the brim with bluesy rock n roll. Expect a wide range of emotions all reflected in the instrumental variety.

Puppy – The Goat

As a debut album for Puppy, this is a meeting of genres: There’s metal, rock, and pop. As a warning to pop or metal purists: the music matches the cover of this album almost explicitly. This is a genre bending approach to a great first piece.