New Music Friday

ALL ABOARD! The New Music Friday train has arrived and we’re making stops in DanceRock, PsychaRock, Indieville, Metalopia, and Electronic Town. Keep your hands inside the train at all times and enjoy yourself, you deserve this.

Let’s do this!

We Are Scientists – Megaplex

I’ve been a fan of these guys since their 2006 release of With Love And Squalor, so I was excited to see them on the list this week. While the album is definitely diving into the dance-rock side of things a little heavier on this one, it’s still got the vibe we first fell in love with. It’s synth-driven but safe, and there’re a few nice standouts throughout.
Favorite tracks: “Your Light Has Changed” & “One In, One Out”

Dr. Dog – Critical Equation

The Philadelphia boys are back with their tenth studio album with ten tracks and 40 minutes of some of their most impressive work yet. A mix of classic rock, country pop, and a psychedelic backbone, these guys can do no wrong. Great storytelling is apparent across every song.
Favorite tracks: “True Love” & “Go Out Fighting”

Quiet As A Mouse – Is it Funny When it Hurts?

If you’re looking for a calm, collected, and relaxing indie rock album, you’ve found it here. The Scottish boys float lyrics into your brain over 37 minutes, and, outside the heaviness of “Dear LA,” the entire album is perfect to listen to quietly in self-reflection.
Favorite tracks: “Control Freak” & “Northern Rain”

Mefjus – Manifest

Prepare your engines because this thing is about to take off. This thing is 17 tracks over an hour and explores so many genres of electronic that you can’t nail it down to just one. If you were a fan of his last record, Emulation, you’ll hear a massive progression in his skills. Looking forward to what he does next.
Favorite tracks: “Physically” & “Work It”

Riot V – Armor of Light

Oh hell yes! If you’ve ever had any interest in ’80s metal, put this on immediately. Insane musicianship, drums that will rip you apart, and vocals that are on another planet good. I can’t say enough good things about this record and it’s over an hour! This one is goosebump-worthy. Seriously, someone made a deal with the devil for this much talent.
Favorite tracks: “Victory” & “End of the World”

Elohim – Elohim

Welcome to the debut collection from Los Angeles-based singer and producer Elohim. Prepare your ears for a ton of genres in a short space, with everything from incredible sax on “Half Love,” to beautiful singer/songwriter tracks like “Insecure,” to electro pop like “The Wave. It’s a diverse album that is gonna be a favorite on a lot of people’s lists.
Favorite tracks: “Sleepy Eyes” & “Panic Attacks”

VARSITY – Parallel Person

I don’t know how they do it, but they somehow make inner turmoil feel good. It’s a melancholy indie-pop album at its core, but I still found myself bobbing my head and really trying to listen to every lyric. Well written, carefully crafted, and a joy to jam to.
Favorite tracks: “Isolation” & “A Friend Named Paul”

Speedy Ortiz – Twerp Verse

Take your favorite ’90s grunge, mix it up with some punk, put a dash of pop in, and complete the mix with phenomenal songwriting and you’ve got a band you should already know. It’s sweet, it’s dark, and it’s got something to it that’s not quite hook-y, but you want to sing with every song.
Favorite tracks: “Lucky 88” & “You Hate The Title”

BONUS SINGLE: Christian Reindl featuring Ruuth – “Risk It All (BARDZ Remix)”

No doubt about it, Christian Reindl’s original version is a gorgeous song, but when BARDZ got his hands on it, he opened it up and let the club into the party. It went from a super heady slow tune to something with just enough oomph to hit the dance floor.

See you in a week!