new music friday

Get it? Because there are locks in the picture. But anywho… This New Music Friday is loaded up with the best new tunes of the week and you are in for a treat. There’s dubstep, pop, folk, and a whole bunch of psychedelic. No matter what you like, you’ll find a little something here to jam to.

Great Lake Swimmers – The Waves, The Wake

This is classic rock with the shimmer of a dream laid on top. You can call it chamber folk, or soft rock, or whatever you’d like, but it’s beautiful no matter how you actually categorize it. The fact that it was recorded in a 145-year-old church can be heard in every track.
Favorite tracks: “Root Systems” & “Alone but Not Alone”

The Myrrors – Borderlands

Don’t let the fact that it’s only six tracks deter you, this is a beast of an album and comes in at 43 minutes. One of these psychedelic jam fests comes in at just under 20 minutes. If you’re looking to go on a trip, this will take you wherever it is you need to go. The rabbit hole has never been more welcoming.
Favorite tracks: “Biznagas” & “Note From the Underground”

Roy Montgomery – Suffuse

Another six tracker, coming in at 41 minutes. This album is on an entirely different astral plane. In no way is this an “easy” album, but if you’re ready to take the long way home, the guitar and hauntingly entrancing tracks will get you there with style.
Favorite tracks: “Rainbird” & “Landfall”

Excision – Apex

This is one of the most varied electronic albums I’ve ever had the pleasure. With tracks featuring Space Laces, Sullivan King, Dion Timmer, Akylla, and Messinian, you’ve got a sound that bounces from dubstep to techno to singer/songwriter to pop and the production value is so high that you barely notice just how much the 58 minutes fluctuate. Bravo.
Favorite tracks: “Home” & “Wake Up”

bod – Limpid Fear

Possibly the most interesting record of the week, and when I say record, I mean it, it’s got two tracks and they’re named “Side A” and “Side B.” Each track hovers around 15 minutes and the traditional Chinese instrumentation really takes the electronic stylings to a whole new level. You’ve never heard a record like this.

Dizzy – Baby Teeth

Dream pop with lush vocals and lyrics flowing like poetry. It’s somehow beautiful and depressing at the same time. She has a yearning in her voice that makes you want to give her a hug and tell her, “It’s going to be okay,” while at the same time, a strength that you know she can handle whatever comes at her. It’s a magic debut.
Favorite tracks: “Stars and Moons” & “Ghost Limbs”

Ninja Sex Party – Cool Patrol

I have no idea if this is a humor album or brilliant, but I’m leaning toward brilliant. Suffice it to say, with songs like “Orgy for One” and “Eating Food in the Shower” you’re going to crack up while listening. The rock stylings and guitar playing are on another level too. This is the most fun you can have on a record.
Favorite tracks: “GFY” & “Release the Kraken”

Mitski – Be the Cowboy

This is what raw intimacy sounds like. The most interesting part about this album is the fact that there’s a definite country vibe floating around the outskirts of a dark pop-rock album and lyrics so sharp they’ll cut you open. With 14 tracks over 32 minutes, she pops in, says what she has to, and leaves before you know what hit you.
Favorite tracks: “Nobody” & “Remember My Name”


Aminé returns to the release world with more bitingly intelligent lyrics on his sophomore surprise album ONEPOINTFIVE. While this isn’t quite jam-packed with hits like “Good For You,” it still rings true to the sound we’ve come to know and love as Aminé.
Favorite tracks: “WHY?” & “RATCHET SATURN GIRL”

BONUS EP: mewithoutYou – untitled
These guys announced today that they’ve got 19 new songs coming over two records, this EP and a full-length coming out in October. This one is on the calmer, quieter side of the indie rock scale. If the lowercase untitled of this EP, and the uppercase UNTITLED of the full-length are any hints, we’re in for the heavier side of mewithoutYou on the next one.
Favorite track: “August 6th”

See you next week!