From electronic legends to midwest emo, this New Music Friday has it all!

While this week was littered with new releases, here’s a shorter list of albums you should give a listen.

Ex Hex – It’s Real

Ex Hex is garage rock at its finest. The newest album It’s Real is a little bit more meandering and less driven than their previous albums. If you’re looking dance-y glam rock with pop sensibilities, look no further.

Flume – Hi This Is Flume

Flume has a history of being an innovative path blazer for electronic music over the last decade. This is his first release since 2017, and was accompanied by an hour long visual. The album is wonky, fluid, and surreal, exactly what you’d expect from an innovator like Flume.

Vendredi sur Mer – Premiers émois

There’s something dreamily romantic yet shockingly retro in this French album. There’s slower ballads and faster dance hits, but all around a fun, synth drenched work.

American Football – American Football (LP3)

American Football has left behind bangers in lieu for lush, dazzling midwest emo and it’s everything you could hope for. The album has a simplicity yet complexity that evokes a return to their former sound while growing out of their youthful sound.

La Dispute – Panorama

Post-hardcore La Dispute‘s Panorama is packed to the brim with emotional lyricism and smooth melodies. The record is slightly different than their previous cathartic releases, developing into a more complete fully developed, polished venture.

Nilüfer Yanya – Miss Universe

A star has been born with Nilüfer Yanya’s debut album! Pitchfork lays it out best, “The rapturous debut from the British singer-songwriter takes adventurous pop-rock crucibles to new heights with her illusory songwriting and stunning voice.”

Apparat– LP5

Apparat does not disappoint on this lush, dreamlike electronic album. There’s a mix of old and new, acoustic and electronic, and familiar and undiscovered.