new music friday

This week has everything that you need to head into the weekend with hours of good new tunes to serenade you. And since the first record is called Expectations, let’s go ahead and break them.

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Wild Child – Expectations

I’ve been a fan of this folky rock group with dueling vocals for years and when I saw their name on the list this week, my expectations… were high. Thankfully, they’ve never let me down and this record is no different. As a group, they’re expanding their repertoire, their members, and their sound. That being said, you’re going to want to turn this one up. There’s so many little intricacies from the big seven-piece group, you’re going to want to hear each and every one.
Favorite tracks: “Sinking Ships” & “Expectations”

Chemtrails – Calf of the Sacred Cow

The full-length from these Londoners has arrived and it’s awesome. One of the most unique sounds of the week, no question about it. Is it shimmering electro? U.K. rock? Retro-pop? It sure is. It traverses a lot of material and a lot of genres in only 38 minutes. If you’re looking for some crunchy guitars and punk energy, this’ll do you nicely.
Favorite tracks: “A Killer or a Punchline” & “Dead Air”

GoGo Penguin – A Humdrum Star

This genre-warping album is on another level. Are you a fan of jazz but want to rage? Welcome to GoGo Penguin. The trio brings together electronic production with out-of-this-world jazz. Gorgeous piano playing, funky bass lines, and a backbone in electronic make this 50 minute album a good time from start to finish. The instrumental abilities alone should put this one on your radar.
Favorite tracks: “Window” & “Raven”

Lauren Ruth Ward – Well, Hell

‘Well, Hell’ is right. With everything from calm and relaxing to ready to rock the doors off, this album is everything an indie rock loving listener is looking for. It’s got this nostalgic rambunctious country sound to it, but in no way is it actually country (if that makes sense). Overall, it’s an album of raw, natural talent that’ll get you dancing without missing a beat.
Favorite tracks: “Well, Hell” & “Blue Collar Sex Kitten”

Legend of the Seagullmen – Legend of the Seagullmen

And then in come the Seagullmen… a supergroup consisting of members of Tool, Mastodon, and Dethklok. This album is a heavily nautical focused group of songs somewhere between heavy metal and art-rock telling a story about pirates, the sea, mythical creatures, and of course, the Seagullmen. If you’re looking for a complex album somewhere between Tool, Sabbath, and Tenacious D, this will scratch that itch.
Favorite tracks: “Curse of the Red Tide” & “Legend of the Seagullmen”

Ezra Furman – Transangelic Exodus

Lyrically, this is one of the strongest albums of the week. The topics throughout the record are hard-hitting and somehow, Ezra makes them stories you want to sing along to. There’s a great retro-pop vibe to it and it just feels good. It’s an album that feels like that of someone completely accepting themselves sonically and lyrically.
Favorite tracks: “I Lost My Innocence” & “Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill”

BONUS SINGLE: Sam Shure – “Kasra”

If you can call it a single, chiming in at just over thirty minutes. This could possibly be your favorite record of the week if you like deep house. You can’t help but be sucked deep into Sam’s world with the heavy beat and almost hypnotic vocals chiming in throughout. It’s more than a single… honestly, it’s more than an EP. Let this one take you away.
Favorite track: “Kasra”

BONUS EP: Ravyn Lenae – Crush

At 19 years old, you shouldn’t be allowed to have this much talent. This up-and-coming Chicago singer knocks it out of the park with this one. My only negative is that it’s too short at only 16 minutes. She has fun, the five track EP is a mix of soul and R&B, and she really explores the limits of her voice throughout (especially in “Sticky”).
Favorite track: “Sticky” 

See you next week!