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Will Hoge – Anchors

I’m not going to lie to you, Will doesn’t reinvent the wheel in this album, but what he does do, is creates something through and through beautiful. It’s a record that balances on the outskirts of rock, Americana, and singer/songwriter. If you’re looking for something to relax to with your significant other and just revel in each other’s greatness, this’ll do nicely.
Favorite tracks: “Through Missing You” & “(This Ain’t) An Original Sin”

Lucky Soul – Hard Lines

This one opens up with one of the best disco tracks of the 2010’s. That’s right. Then as the record goes on, it transforms into a Madonna-esque love album. For fans of their previous stuff, it’s definitely going in a different direction, but not enough for fans to get lost in the mix.
Favorite tracks: “More Like Mavis” & “Too Much”

Kutmah – Trobbb!

The full-length debut album from an artist who was deported from the U.S. in 2010 has arrived. And when you listen to record, I think a lot of that chilly, almost sinister emotion comes through on the tracks. All but two of the over 20 songs are under 3 minutes, and it just hits you and backs away.
Favorite tracks: “Herbal Tea Sessions” & “Bury Me By The River – Gonjasufi”

Hinder – The Reign

Yes, the Hinder of “Lips Of An Angel” and “Better Than Me” popularity is back, but this time they’ve got a new lead singer. And while, there’s not a ton of big stand outs, it’s a solid, if not overly self deprecating, Los Angeles rock album. Definitely interested to see what comes next.
Favorite tracks: “King Of The Letdown” & “Loser’s Salute”

So Much Light – Oh, Yuck

From the start you know this is some indie electro pop gold. It’s got a great ’80s feel with a newer touch of experimental R&B and some shimmering love songs to get you moving. The opening track, New Game, and the closer, Game Over, are also welcome, if not short, additions to the mix.
Favorite tracks: “Full Body Mirror” & “Let it Absorb You”

The Districts – Popular Manipulations

Before we dive in, as a writer, I’m willing to listen to any group that tips their hat to Raymond Carver, and with a track called, Will You Please Be Quiet Please? they did just that. Across the board, this album feels like an indie rock band coming in to their own. While, I don’t know if I’ll ever love a song of theirs like I loved Funeral Beds, Capable comes close.
Favorite tracks: “Fat Kiddo” & “Capable”

Downtown Boys – Cost of Living

This isn’t a band born out of the Drumpf administration, but they’re definitely not happy about it and it’s all right there in the lyrics. With songs like “A Wall,” the band’s sound is fresh, urgent, and a welcomed punk rock attack in both English and Spanish. The record reminded me of some of Anti-Flag’s heavier tunes. If you’re looking for some aggression, you’ve found it.
Favorite tracks: “It Can’t Wait” & “I’m Enough (I Want More)”

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