Instead of the usual witty banter, let’s get right to it.

The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

Is that a glockenspiel I hear? It sure is. And pretty sure the only album of the week that has one on it. War on Drugs fans will love this one. Not just because they’re fans of the band, but because it’s their first album on Atlantic records and Granduciel was promised complete creative control. It’s the War on Drugs you’ve come to love in 10 tracks, just over an hour long.
Favorite tracks: “Up All Night & Holding On” 

Toy – A Giant Dog

The creepiest album cover of the week goes to Toy. After you get past the cover the music sounds like a indie punk rock version of the Beach Boys with a wink thrown in for good measure. The dueling vocals of Sabrina and Andrew make it super unique and a fun romper.
Favorite tracks: “Angst in My Pants & Get Away” 

Jack Cooper – Sandgrown

This is just plain old good singer/songwriter tunes. The entire album was recorded on an old four-track recorder giving it an intimate feel. It’s emotionally charged with a quiet intensity but somehow still energetic. If you’re looking for the perfect music for a calm night in, this is your jam.
Favorite tracks: “North of Anywhere & Memphis, Lancashire” 

Hype Williams – Rainbow Edition

Twenty tracks, most of which are around one minute long, of lo-fi experimental electronic tracks with samples touching on racial issues (specifically Madting and #Blackcardsmatter). When you’re done listening to it, you may ask yourself, “what just happened?” and I kind of think that’s what they want you to feel.
Favorite tracks: “Loud Challenge & Baby Blu” 

Gogol Bordello – Seekers and Finders

Possibly the most fun you can have on an album. Their gypsy-punk sound and the collective talent of the band makes it a straight up good time. And, the amount of variation in the album makes it an incredible listen. You can’t be bored listening to this one. It’s impossible.
Favorite tracks: “Break into Your Higher Self & Saboteur Blues” 

The Fresh & Onlys – Wolf Lie Down

Paging Mr. Morrison. Paging Jim Morrison. While the background music isn’t in the same realm of The Doors, he’s definitely reminiscent of the rock god. There’s definitely a 60’s garagey influence in the jangly guitar and psychedelic flairs.
Favorite tracks: “Impossible Man & One of a Kind” 

Cymbals – Light in Your Mind

This is the album that comes out of a band that went through a pretty dark period after their 2014 release. Now, with new members they’re back, experimenting a little more, and bringing a plethora of emotionally charged, ’80s inspired electro pop.
Favorite tracks: “Car Crash & Talk to Me” 

PVRIS – All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

Hard-hitting and streamlined pop has arrived. The three-piece brings a heavy-hitting lead singer, subdued bass/guitar, and a ton of synthy goodness on the new record. Somehow, they’ve figured out how to walk the fine line between dark and upbeat, and it works wonders for them.
Favorite tracks: “What’s Wrong & Winter” 

BONUS SINGLE: Wingtip – Cross Your Mind

Super poppy jam featuring morgxn’s incredible vocals and a beat you’ll wanna dance to.

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