That’s right, no matter how you mix it up, it still works. New Friday Music. New Friday Music. Friday New Music.

It’s still New. It’s still music. It’s still Friday.



Accept – The Rise of Chaos

If you loved the Euro-metal of the ’80s, you’re going to love everything about this. Since their last album, they’ve got a new guitarist and drummer, but don’t worry, it’s still Accept-able. The influences are varied, but you can definitely hear AC/DC, Motorhead, and some Sabbath vibes throughout. In the end, it’s old school, it’s technical, and it’s the perfect record to get your Friday kicked off.
Favorite tracks: “Carry the Weight” & “Hole in the Head” 

Caroline Says – 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Lo-fi gold with possibly the best name of an album of all time. While, it’s only 29 minutes, it traverses everything from bedroom pop, to slow indie jams, to just beautiful singer/songwriter ballads. The most impressive tracks come from her layering vocals to create an incredible sound and no doubt, the most important instrument in the band (her own voice).
Favorite tracks: “Winter if Cold” or “Ghost Pokes” 

Black Grape – Pop Voodoo

This album could have easily been dropped in the ’70s/’80s (with less references to Trump) and would have fit perfectly. A sweet soul/disco/psychedelic feel flows throughout the 12 song, 50 minutes. There’s a lot of interesting experimentation in the record, but as the first track states, “Everything You Know Is Wrong,” and, I tend to agree with him after listening.
Favorite tracks: “Set the Grass on Fire” & “Nine Lives” 

Soccer Mommy – Collection

This collection is called Collection, because it’s a collection of prior releases from Bandcamp (and a few unreleased), but it all feels fresh. This is another one chiming in at 29 minutes, with a lo-fi guitar centric approach, and lyrics focused around the time in your teens and early 20s that anyone can relate to. It’s the perfect album to light some incense to and just relax.
Favorite tracks: “Death by Chocolate” & “Waiting for Cars” 

Briana Marela – Call It Love

When you listen to some records, you can almost hear where they were recorded, be it a bedroom, studio, stage, whatever… this one sounds like she did it from the surface of a calm pond with intricate echoes, crisp notes, and a fluidity that makes the ambient pop shimmer. At its base, it’s a love album, and it’s beautiful.
Favorite tracks: “Quit” & “Rise” 

Dead Cross – Dead Cross

Hardcore punk supergroup made up of ex-Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo, and Faith No More singer, Mike Patton. Possibly the shortest album of the week coming in at 27 minutes, but it packs a punch and is one of those perfect, brutal, in and out albums. I see a lot of people playing air drums on their driving wheel with this one. If you have any qualms about a 50+ year old dude rocking hardcore, this guy will squash them.
Favorite tracks: “Grave Slave” & “The Future Has Been Cancelled” 

Rezz – Mass Manipulation

This album is dope. It’s an electronic album, it’s hypnotic, and it feels a LOT longer than it is. The first song comes in under four minutes, but feels like ten. There’s something about how the album is arranged, that you just feel completely immersed in it and from the first song, you physically feel the album.
Favorite tracks: “Relax” & “DRUGS! – 13” 

Mystery Skulls – One of Us

Biggest surprise of the week. I saw the name Mystery Skulls and immediately thought metal. It’s definitely not. With an electro-pop backbone and influenced heavily by R&B, this is ten songs of extremely dance-worthy tracks. Is this the new soul? Because if it is, I’m in.
Favorite tracks: “One of Us” & “Music” 

So, there we have it…


(that’s bye, backwards)

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