Is there anything better than having a short work week where you get to spend some time with the three F’s?

That’s a rhetorical question.

The only thing better than family, friends, and fireworks, is the elusive fourth F…


Anywho… New Music Friday!

I’m gonna go get a freeze pop.

Modern Chemistry – Everything in Gold

I’ve been a big fan of these guys for a while now, as you can see from our earlier interview with them, but after listening to their debut album, I finally know what their name means. It’s a modern day love story with rock music. It’s an album you listen to and ask, “who hurt you?” but sing right along. On the song “Sleeptalk,” Joe Zorzi sings, “I refuse to let you down,” and after finishing the album… you didn’t.
Favorite tracks: “Pretty Death” & “Tradewinds”

Broken Social Scene – Hug of Thunder

This is what ethereal indie rock is all about. If you’re looking for dreamy pop music with an atmospheric quality that engulfs your whole body, this may be the album you’re looking for. The best part about the album is the variety that it has across the tracks. Male vocals, female vocals, harmonies, and a plethora of emotion, the record’s got something for everyone.
Favorite tracks: “Protest Song” & “Vanity Pail Kids”

Prins Thomas/Bjørn Torske – Square One

Even though they’ve been making music together since the ’90s, this is the Norwegian duo’s first proper album together . The seven tracks span across a sparse electronic universe with a steady beat and sounds that could be an experiment in echoes. Favorite tracks below have an almost jungle feel to them, with hand drums and a feeling like you’re traveling across vast grasslands.
Favorite tracks: “K16 Del 1” & “Kappe Tre”

Randall Bramblett – Juke Joint at the Edge of the World

Have you ever heard classic ’70s rock, mixed with blues, mixed with guitar-drenched R&B? Because this is that and it’s glorious. With many of the songs, they’re sung with a grin and a wink, which makes them even more fun. In “I Just Don’t Have the Time,” he fits, “Large Hadron Collider” and “a book called The God Particle” in a song, and it somehow works. Enjoy this one from start to finish.
Favorite tracks: “Plan B” & “Devil’s Haircut (Originally by Beck)”

Sarah Jaffe – Bad Baby

Looking for an album to get you thinking about everything in your life? This enlightening electro-pop does just that, with some of the hardest hitting lyrics on the list this week. It’s sophisticated, intelligent, and has the perfect mix of upbeat fun and downbeat introspection. The record’s got a great arc overall and no doubt her most mature work to date.
Favorite tracks: “Between” & “Bad Baby”

River Black – River Black

I wish the album started with track five, then six, THEN everything else. Track five, “River Black,” is a sweet interlude of string instruments and it flows into this incredibly heavy song called “South by South.” That aside, it’s just a great rhythm oriented hardcore metal album. If you’re looking for the steady churn of a locomotive into your cerebellum, this’ll do nicely.
Favorite tracks: “Honor” & “Shipwreck”

Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley

Where have you been all my life, Public Service Broadcasting? At first, I threw on the title track and thought, “Oh, that’s cool, they’ve got some kind of film sampling in the background,” then I realized, this is how most of the tracks are conceived. Crunchy guitar, synths, horns, and drums you can set your clock to make up this week’s most original album (and possibly my favorite because of it).
Favorite tracks: “All Out” & “Every Valley”


What’s your favorite on our list?

What’d we miss?

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