new music friday

Sometimes, the rock gods look down upon us simple human beings and give us a gift, for this week that gift includes 7 bands, 6 albums, 1 single, AND A VIDEO!

Happy New Music Friday!

alt-J – Relaxer

Eight tracks covering a range of topics from falling in love with someone who is no longer alive, a Tasmanian devil falling in love with a woman, and a song that definitely isn’t about mass murder… Across the board, the album is dark and includes folky undertones mixed with an electric wire. Favorite Tracks: “In Cold Blood” & “3WW”

Beach Fossils – Somersault

Was that a harpsichord? It sure was. In the new album on Payseur’s own record label, they bring in a plethora of additional sounds including the harpsichord, flutes, saxes, and even a string section. The entire album almost shimmers in your ears and if you missed the band’s jangly guitars and dreamy vocals, you’ll love the album. Favorite Tracks: “Be Nothing” & “Sugar”

Ferry Corsten – Blueprint

Get ready for 18 tracks of some of the best trance music out there. This is the kind of music you can turn on and turn off your brain with. And while most of the album is trance, there are also a few tracks of future bass mixed in to give the album some nice variation. Favorite Tracks: “Drum’s a Weapon” & “Blueprint”

Benjamin Booker – Witness

This record is made up of 4+ completely different genres. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, there’s just a lot of different sounds being pulled together. Just listening through the first four songs, you’ve got an opener, “Right On You,” that sounds like garage rock, song 2, “Motivation,” almost sounds like Ray LaMontagne’s raspy love songs, number 3, “Witness,” is straight up gospel, and 4, “The Slow Drag Under,” is a funky ’60s soul. So in short, the album is awesome; it’s just not one feel throughout. Favorite Tracks: “Motivation” & “Carry”

Amber Coffman – City of No Reply

You can’t really listen to this album without thinking about the split from longtime boyfriend and bandmate, Dave Longstreth from Dirty Projectors. Then again, the record speaks for itself about heartbreak, growing up, and moving on. There’s a heavy R&B influence throughout the album, but at its base, it’s a singer/songwriter breakup album. Favorite Tracks: “All to Myself” & “If You Want My Heart”

Chastity Belt – I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone

If you’re looking for the humorously named tracks normally associated with the band, like Giant Vagina, Nip Slip, and Pussy Weed Beer, you’re not going to find it on this one. The Walla Walla band has put it aside for an album that fits its title perfectly. At the end of the day, if you’ve liked their previous two albums, you’re going to like this one, it’s just a much more somber sound overall. Favorite Tracks: “5am” & “Different Now”

Bonus Single:

Foo Fighters – Run 

I’m not gonna lie to you, when I saw this surprise single and video I was almost shaking. First off, you’re going to have to watch the video twice; I’m only warning you now because I didn’t know what to expect when I first saw it.

The first viewing is all about the visuals, which are insane and even more insane because Dave Grohl is the one who directed it.

The second viewing is all about the music. If you’re a fan of Foo Fighters, you’re going to immediately recognize the opening with Grohl’s (Dare I say angelic? I dare.) angelic voice sweeping you through.

THEN, at 1:48 (in the video) all hell breaks lose and we’re transported back to 2011, in the days of White Limo, with heavy reverb and screams that no longer sound angelic.

I get goosebumps listening/watching this video. I hope you do too. And if this is a preview of what’s going down on their next album, I’ll be first in line for it and the tour that no doubt accompanies it.


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