How is it already past noon on Friday? If your day is flying by too, we’ve got some 8 new albums to get your weekend started even sooner.

Tennis – Yours Conditionally

This husband and wife duo are back with Yours Conditionally, which is definitely not conditional. If you’re a fan of 50s & 60s pop, you’re going to love this new one.

Jorja Smith – Beautiful Little Fools

Jorja celebrated International Women’s Day with this lil’ ditty. Incredible song with a message anyone and everyone can get behind, because honestly, we’re all Beautiful Little Fools.

Eric Nam & Jeon Somi – You, Who? 

Even if you don’t speak Korean, Eric Nam and Jeon Somi will still hit you right in the feels in the first single off this K-Pop album.

Alt-J – 3WW

Incredible guitar, piano, and dual voices on the new single. Full album is expected in June, but this is a nice lil’ teaser for it.

ill.gates – Terminally Ill

This CD is jumping all over the place with funky beats, big melodies, and an array of rap, singing, and catchy synths. If you’re into bass, you’re going to love this entire album.

The Shins – Name For You (Flipped)

This single is an anthem inspired by the lead singer’s daughters. It’s got an 80s sense of nostalgia and an overall feel good vibe that’s empowering across the board.

Bush – Black and White Rainbows

Gavin Rossdale is back with their seventh album. While I miss the days of Sixteen Stone, this album definitely reminds me of it with an almost industrial sound to it.

Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel

This is the pop diary you’ve been looking for. With a bunch of stand out tracks on the album, it doesn’t look like Charli XCX is ever going to slow down.

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See you in a week!