Not only is there new music, but there’s Brand New, new music… if you’re a fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re not a fan, you should be.

Welcome to the brand new, Brand New, NMFers.

Brand New – Science Fiction 

First off, you’re not going to find the album on Spotify yet, so… the music above is from my favorite album of theirs, Deja Entendu, but you can buy the new album here. For fans, this has been a long time coming. They haven’t released anything new since 2009 and the internet was in a frothy mess when they announced that their fifth album was COMING in the future.

Then, yesterday people were reporting already getting their copies and the digital download was live. I usually put my favorite tracks below, but after listening through 3 times, I still don’t know if I’m positive about the two below. Incredible album.
Favorite tracks: “Desert” & “451” 



IS IT ALL CAPS FRIDAY, BECAUSE THIS ALBUM IS… When you start this lil’ beast, you’re immediately transported into some dope cyber hacker movie’s soundtrack. And I mean this in the best of ways. If you’ve got work to get done, this is the album of the week to listen to.
So, do I recommend it? HELL YEAH.
Favorite tracks: “HELL YEAH” & “BURNING BRAIN” 

Neck Deep – The Peace and the Panic

Yes is the answer to the question. Is this some of the best pop punk to come out in a while? This Welsh group just gets it. They’ve grown up a lil’ since their 2015 album, and it’s packing a punch with tighter musicianship, tighter lyrics, and just an overall good feeling. For this one, they worked with producer Neal Avron, who’s worked with Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory, and you can hear it throughout. If you like pop punk, you’ll love this.
Favorite tracks: “Motion Sickness” & “Critical Mistake” 

The Mosquitos – Mexican Dust

This sounds like the soundtrack to Something About Mary mixed with a ’60s French film and it’s delightful. With an almost samba vibe in the background, it’s just a happy album that gives us lush synth pop with horn arrangements and it’ll get you dancing with whoever you’re with in a heartbeat.
Favorite tracks: “Far Like Stars” & “Island in the Bathtub” 

Cloakroom – Time Well

I want to call it post metal or dark shoegaze, but however you want to genrefy (yes, I made that word up) it, it’s an album that might take you down a dark road. With ethereal feedback, haunting vocals, and an almost ’90s lo-fi grungy guitar vibe over the 10 tracks, it’s not the most smiley album of the week. The explorative side of every song is where they really shine.
Favorite tracks: “Seedless Star” & “The Sun Won’t Let Us Go” 

Everything Everything – A Fever Dream

This is what art-rock should sound like. I say that because it’s so welcoming and accessible. This is an album you can dance to while still feelings that you’re listening to something that’s never been done before. And if you don’t fall in love with Higgs’ tripped out falsetto vocals, then we have nothing in common. Such a fun mix of electronic, indie rock, dance, and experiments in sound.
Favorite tracks: “Desire” & “Ivory Tower” 

UNKLE – The Road Pt. 1

This album’s got that special something dripped into the ingredients. It’s one of those genreless records that have a little of everything, cinematic and massive, while still calming and small. It’s a sound that you have to hear to understand and if the name of it has any truth to it, this is only the first part of the show. Listen to it with a glass of wine and introspection shall follow.
Favorite tracks: “Cowboys or Indians” & “Sunrise (Always Comes Around)” 

There are a lot of long (like hour-long) albums this week. This should keep ya busy for a bit.

See you next week!



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