new music friday bear

Hello all you music lovers! Another week has passed and it’s time to get our funk on, or rock, or alt, whatever, it’s New Music Friday. Let’s get into it, and if you love something tell us about it on Twitter!

Negative Scanner – Nose Picker

This is gritty, dirty, spit-covered punk from the past with a new spin. If you’re looking for an old school punk sound with twelve songs hovering right around two minutes each, you’ve found your jam for the week.
Favorite tracks: “First Blood” & “A Cross”

Meg Myers – Take Me To The Disco

Wispy, dark, and beautiful singer/songwriter album with a pop backbone. The album is basically a gorgeous confessional with lyrics that will rip your heart out and then hand you the tape to put the pieces back together.
Favorite tracks: “Some People” & “Funeral”

We Are Muffy – The Charcoal Pool

If you’re looking for ’60s folk-pop with a slow steady drive and phenomenal storytelling, this is your new favorite album. Male and female vocals dance with each other throughout the thirteen tracks and 45 minutes.
Favorite tracks: “Precious Things” & “Jacobean Reggae”

The Internet – Hive Mind

The smoothest R&B from The Internet. A few jams with a nice funky bassline and full of songs you’re going to want to put on with your significant other. The perfect music to play when you want to just chill out and let the groove take you.
Favorite tracks: “It Gets Better” & “Come Over”

Ovlov – TRU

You can’t find a band with more fuzzy guitar riffs than these guys. They somehow take the best parts of grunge, shoegaze, and rock ‘n’ roll and combine them to make something really special. More hooks than a fishing store on this one.
Favorite tracks: “Fast G” & “The Best of You”

88rising – Head in the Clouds

There are too many artists to list in this beast of an album. It’s 17 tracks long and, at just under an hour, everyone is going to find a track on it they love. The album traverses R&B, rap, old school doo-wop, and more.
Favorite tracks: “Plans” & “Lover Boy 88”

BONUS SINGLE: New Threads – “Alone, Leave Me” & “Monuments”

It’s only two songs. That’s the worst part about it. The two songs have extremely different vibes to them, but they’re both indie rock at its best. I, for one, am headed to their two other albums to catch up on everything they’ve done.

BONUS SINGLE: Ethan Payton – “On The Move”

Possibly my favorite song of the week. It’s just got a flow to it that you can’t help but bob your head as you head into the weekend. Hope this is only a preview of what’s to come from this up-and-comer.

See ya in a week!