Well, we made it to February safe and sound, so that’s something! Great team work everyone. We didn’t have to search too hard this week for new releases, these guys were released today and just begging to be heard. Tune it, check out, and let us know which album you’re absolutely feeling today.

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Sampha – Process 

FOR THOSE WHO: need that string of songs to rip open your heart, pull out all of the emotions you had stored safely inside, and aren’t ashamed to shed a tear or 70 behind your desk. Sampha’s new album is every part emotive, soulful, passionate, and honest. Feeling #blessed.

MUNA – So Special

FOR THOSE WHO: feel like they’re their best selves when they’re listening to high energy, femme-powered indie pop. An album that should soundtrack dancing outside at night with colored smoke sticks.

Syd – FIN

FOR THOSE WHO: who fell in love with The Internet and realized shortly thereafter that it was because of the sweet sounds of Syd.

Fenech-Soler – ZILLA

FOR THOSE WHO: are thrilled for this current bloghaus era resurgence we’ve been treated so kindly to. Indie electronica has truly never sounded so good.

Porcelain Raft – Microclimate

FOR THOSE WHO: may be bordering between existential crisis and apathy, and need a melodic, dreamy sonic escape to get lost to.

Aaron Espe – Blackwall Way

FOR THOSE WHO: are looking for an Americana crooner who will cover some of your favorite oldies.

Jungle Fire – Jambu

FOR THOSE WHO: aren’t able to go on vacation, so you’re in the market for an album that will sonically take you to the beaches of Cuba.


Vince Staples – “BagBak”

FOR THOSE WHO: are are partial to political references in their music and are looking for a song to fuel the fire.

Blondie – “Fun”

FOR THOSE WHO: literally everyone in the whole world.