As another week comes to an end (HAPPY FRIDAY!), let us come together and reflect on the absolute doozy of music releases this week. This time of the year is always exciting in music, Labor Day has come and gone, we’re about to enter Autumn, school has started, and getting fresh, right out-of-the-oven music during this seasonal change makes every single sound that much crisper.

Let us know what songs you’re into, which you’ve been jamming to this week, and what you think we should be cranking here in the office! tag us @jukely on Twitter.

M.I.A.AIM (Deluxe)

FOR THOSE WHO: don’t realize they need a hero, but get one anyway. M.I.A. will always be at the tops of our charts (and hearts) because she’s more than a musician, she’s a leader. She’s unafraid of saying what needs to be said regarding politics, gender issues, and any other worldly bullshit that needs a swift kick in the rear. Not all heroes wear capes, you know?

SAMPHA – “Blood On Me”

FOR THOSE WHO: need a sonic refreshment, maybe a little somethin’ somethin’ to give the emotions a push out the ole’ tear ducts, without losing any street cred.

Zack de la Rocha – “digging for windows”

FOR THOSE WHO: need to remember they’re an unstoppable badass after they shed those tears. Go ahead, light up that cigarette and stare every person you pass in the eye, we won’t scold you. Produced with love by El-P.

What So NotDivide & Conquer

FOR THOSE WHO: don’t need NO Flume to continue on a path of musical righteousness. Just kidding, no shade, we’re glad everyone is amicably civil and both careening down the sonic road of fire. It’s like Rainbow Road, just…made of sick beats and explosions every check point.

Parov Stelar – “Grandpa’s Groove”

FOR THOSE WHO: like their indie-electronic soaked in some gypsy pianos, jazz, and upbeat electric swing.

GrouploveBig Mess

FOR THOSE WHO: are looking for that special album to blast in your car, sing into a hairbrush in your undergarments to, or just silently jam to on the crowded subway.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree

FOR THOSE WHO: oh God, for those who need an emotional outlet, or just simply need to feel something. This is an overly emotional, powerfully gut-wrenching album that comes straight from Nick Cave’s delicately melancholic heart. BONUS: this is one of the best Fall albums we’ve heard in quite some time.

Local NativesSunlit Youth

FOR THOSE WHO: Need a mediator in between the melancholic tunes of the season, something that makes you feel really good, but not too good, simultaneously making you look like the cool kid at the party with the good tunes.

Head and the HeartSigns of Light 

FOR THOSE WHO: literally everyone. THEY’RE BACK! And just in time to steal your heart and sweep into your top 10 albums of 2016.