Hello, and happy Friday! What a news week it’s been. We’re sorry we had to start this week off with news that the Great Barrier Reef is essentially dead and gone, but we must remain positive, lest we forget the pure simplicity and adorableness of Ken Bone or the fact that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature. On top of it all, there has been a flood of great new releases this week, and we’ve taken the liberty (yet again) to list them in a tight little package for you. Check out the 8 albums we’re jamming to this week; let us know which ones you’re feeling and which ones we’re missing over on twitter.

Naked & FamousSimple Forms

FOR THOSE WHO: like their pop with a little emotion, a lot of synth work, and some heavy chords that infect the dance bug in every part of you.

Jagwar MaEvery Now & Then

FOR THOSE WHO: much like themselves, realize sarcastic honesty is basically a virtue, and even MORE virtuous if it’s embedded in music. This is an album for the fickle minded, who try to be nice and kind, then finally get sick of all the bullshit, say “f*ck it”, and start dropping truth bombs of all shapes and sizes and soaked in delicious synths.

JoJoMad Love. 

FOR THOSE WHO: everyone. Literally everyone. Oh my God, can we just start with how excited we are that the queen has come back and is better than ever? I mean, if this “isn’t for you” then you don’t appreciate real, good, soulful, sassy pop. Do you see her punctuation after every song? JoJo. Is. Back. And. Here. To. Stay. So. Bow. Down. B’s.

Zeds Dead Northern Lights

FOR THOSE WHO: are very pro-collaborative efforts in albums. This is one giant, delicious coalition bowl of musicians, and there is a song for every single type of listener.

JohnnySwimGeorgica Pond

FOR THOSE WHO: are continuing to build on their Autumn playlist, and are looking for that special someone (album) to play while the candle fire is burning while snuggling with that special someone (your cat). JohnnySwim has a special way of taking blues-folk and making it extremely sexy.


FOR THOSE WHO: have been reading a little too much about Elon Musk, but are convinced we live in a simulated world, controlled by someone else, and need an album to keep your futuristic mind running strong with smooth, sultry, visceral productions.

Two Door Cinema ClubGameshow

FOR THOSE WHO: who like to straight up sing, dance, and get their groove on since the 2007 days. Thank heavens these Irishmen are still filling our ears with their pure, special funk-infused electro.


FOR THOSE WHO: are tired of this constant noise that is surrounding our country and entire world right now, from politics, to every opinion under the sun, to the onslaught of new music being released, and just want to go back to the basics of minimal electro-noise. I mean, the album is literally titled “-“, I don’t think BT is messing around.