We’ve put together yet another new albums release playlist, some of which are perfect for this melancholic weather we’re having, and some in which are great for pulling you right out of the melancholia.

Let us know which ones you’re into, or which albums you think we should be playing in the office over on twitter.

D.R.A.M.Big Baby D.R.A.M.

FOR THOSE WHO: are looking for that perfect rapper who doesn’t necessarily take himself too seriously (note the Goldendoodle in the album cover) but who kills the hip-hop game, fuses his rap with pop, has some seriously talented pipes, and can get Erykah Badu on a track.

Agnes ObelCitizen of Glass

FOR THOSE WHO: are on the hunt for an example of the beauty in the sublime in sonic form. Or just in the market for some rainy day tunes you can kick back and not cry (cry, cry very hard) to.

Check out a vintage interview we did with her right here.

Saint Motel saintmotelevision

FOR THOSE WHO: need a kick-back album that puts a heck of a pep in their step, and makes them feel ready to greet the day.

Prins ThomasPrincipe Del Norte Remixed

FOR THOSE WHO: thought the OG Principle Del Norte wasn’t minimal nor dark enough, and needed it to get just a hint more drone-like.

Streets of LaredoWild

FOR THOSE WHO: are sick of the bullshit and are craving some good ole’ vocal magic, hefty. upbeat drums, and like occasional catchy blues-inspired horns in their folk.

Weyes BloodFront Row Seat To Earth

FOR THOSE WHO: are in need for some retro-sounding downtempo, honest-to-goodness, thought provoking tunes to make you contemplate everything going on in your life.


FOR THOSE WHO: love the fresh sound of indie-pop magic fused with a little west coast edginess.

Leonard CohenYou Want It Darker

FOR THOSE WHO: want it darker.